An introduction

I guess before I start blogging my head off I should let folks know why I’m blogging!   I’m just an ordinary mom, grandma, great-grandma and wife living in Charlotte, NC.    Been a Christian all my life but ever since what I call my “epiphany” in October of 2006, I’ve changed from being what I call a “closet Christian” to being an “in-your-face” Christian!  Hubby says it a different way….he claims on that day in 2006, I walked up the stairs as one person and, 30 minutes later, I came back down as someone totally different!  AMAZING what God can do once you give Him your WHOLE heart!
Anyway, ever since that day, my faith is no longer my own….it became something I have to share with the world!  I built a website called Dustys Front Porch (come visit!);  started working with a local jail ministry here in Charlotte that brings the Gospel to women inmates on a weekly basis;  began making Witness Tools like my Disciples Crosses, started to crochet my Hats for the Homeless, painting my Witness Wear T-shirts, you name it?    I’m doing it!  Or I was….until the cancer hit.  That slowed me down a bit.  But even that was part of God’s plan for my life!
I guess because of my website and the thought for the day email I send around the world every weekday morning, God has seen fit to super-size my visibility on a global scale!!   Especially since the cancer thing became public knowledge.  I get emails from all over  asking questions about me, my life, my history, all sorts of stuff.  One of my close friends here in Charlotte was peeking at my inbox and said, “Holy cow lady….enquiring minds wanna know!!”  LOL! But she did have a point.   She went on,  “Your life is an amazing testimony to the fact that God is alive, busy and active in our lives today–too many folks think He’s just a figment from some old history book!  Your life proves He’s not!!  Your personal friends have all heard your stories a dozen times….we know how Jesus got you from point A to point B….but all these folks who are just now finding  you?  They need to know too!!   Your story could inspire thousands, girl!!”

Now I have felt that God has one more job for me before I change zip codes and wake up in Heaven.  We’re living in the end times…..I’m convinced  in my heart that we need to do a better job of Kingdom-building than we’ve been doing!  Think about it.  When UNbelievers look at us, what do they see? We go on & on about how GREAT our God is, how much He loves us, and what a wonderful place He’s prepared for us in Heaven; and then? As soon as one of us goes there or gets ready to go there, what do we do?  We carry on as if it’s the biggest tragedy to ever rock our world!! We fuss and cry and react with tears and anguish, etc.  The Unbelievers have to be thinking that Christians as a whole are all either idiots or hypocrites!  Neither of which does anything for building the Kingdom!!

I believe it’s my job to show God’s people and the world what it looks like when a Christian with strong faith faces the whole dying thing. It should be a time of joy and celebration, not tears and grief!!  After all, if we believe what we’ve been reading in the Bible all our lives, how can we be anything BUT tickled pink??  For any child of the King, death isn’t and never has been an ending….it’s a transition…only the beginning of forever spent with Jesus in Paradise for eternity!!!  So someone please, explain to me where sorrow fits in cause I certainly don’t see it from where I’m sitting!
Even when we first got the news sitting in the doctor’s office, that the chemo had effectively wiped out the uterine cancer (HURRAY!) it hadn’thad any effect on the tumors that had spread into my bones;  both femurs and my spine. Because of the placement in the spinal column, it’s labeled inoperable and therefore, terminal.  Hubby reached over and took my hand and we both looked at the doctor, like ok, now what?  He was  much more addled than we were….”Are you two ok? Did you understand what I just told you?” DUH!  “Yes doc, we’re fine and English is NOT our second language — we understood you perfectly.  I’m going to die.” He says, “Yes, you are….you’ll be lucky to turn 60.” (I’ll be 58 this May)  I looked him right in the eye and said,”You’re gonna die too, doc….we’re all going to die. Unless your name is Elisha no one’s figured out how to get to Heaven without dying first! We’re really strong Christians and we’re fine….so what’s next?”
Doctors notwithstanding, God has laid it on my heart that He wants me to share the joy and the excitement I feel at the prospect of going home with everyone I come in contact with.   I did mention to the Lord in passing that, except for church, the hospital and the occasional trip to Wal-Mart I didn’t really meet that many people. He let me know that He’d open the doors….I just needed to be prepared to go thru them!!   I got even MORE excited then!!   If that’s His plan for the last few years of my life than believe you me….I’m in it to win it!!!  No WAY I’m gonna show up in Heaven having to hang my head, saying “Sorry Lord — I chickened out!”   NOT THIS GIRL!!!  And open doors He has, but you’ll have to read the blog to find out how!!


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