The Mr. Omelet Years

The next 10 or 12 years have always been referred to, in my
mind & memory anyway, as the Mr. Omelet years!   After my
second marriage dissolved, I took a job at the Winston-Salem
Journal as an inserter.    I worked from midnight  to 4am putting
the junk and advertisements into the newspaper.  You know, the
stuff most folks shake out and throw away before they read the
paper?   LOL!
It was part-time but it paid some bills and I worked with the
nicest, most supportive group of folks you’ll find anywhere
while the neighbor lady next door watched the babies sleep!  
After the fire, the Journal crew went above and beyond to help
the kids and I!  
For the first week or so, we stayed with the family of one of the
guys I worked with.    His mom treated us like we WERE
family.     My first priority of course, was finding us a place to
stay that I could afford.    Most of the Journal crew had a habit
of meeting after work at a local diner called Mister Omelet, not far
from the paper.    So, it became my hangout too.     I think most of
us have a place in our memory just like it, either from our
childhood or some other point in our lives.     Little place,  dozen
or so tables, counter with 6 stools,  plate glass windows, open 24
hours a day, juke box in the corner, several waitresses who all
know your name and how you take your coffee, where you’ll sit,
etc.       Same folks  in at the same time everyday, who all
usually sit in the same seat, order the same thing and talk to the
same folks, day in and day out!   (Think CHEERS in Boston, only
with coffee instead of alcohol!)    LOL!
Anyway, I have lots of story-poems centered around Mr. Omelet
during those years. for an example?  Next time you’re on the Front
Porch check out The Circle, The Guest, The Good Deed, & The Car
The folks who hung out at Mr. Omelet (staff included!) were just
like the people at the Journal….all the ‘regulars’ were considered
family and, if necessary, heaven and earth would be moved to
help one of them out!   So when word got around that I was house
-hunting after the fire?   Tips poured in from everyone!    I finally
found what I thought was the perfect place….less than two miles
from the restaurant, 2 bedrooms, big yard, etc.    Perfect until the
realtor told me the rent was $600.00!!   That was at least $200
more than my budget could handle….I was SO disappointed!    
There I sat in Mr. Omelet, moaning and whining to anyone who
would listen, including God ( who I’m sure has gotten MORE than
bored over the years listening to my complaints!! )  “Would ya
please do something, Lord?”  “A little help here, Father?”  “Are
You paying attention, Jesus?” LOL!!
All of sudden, the payphone in the corner starts to ring.   Now that
happens from time to time —someone looking for someone else
they know hangs out there, etc.    But this time it was for me!!
Someone asked if there was a girl in there named Dusty.    Well,
Dell the electrician, was the one who’d answered the phone, so he
hollered to me,“D?  Phone for you!”    I’m MORE than totally
baffled….who on earth even knew I was here?    So I take the
phone and this guy says:  “Are you the lady who looked at the
house on Fremont St. this morning?”  I told him yes but it was
out of my price range –way out!   He said, “That’s what the
realtor told me and I’m calling to let you know that we’ve have
several price reductions in that neighborhood this morning
and the house you were looking at has been reduced to
$375.00 per month if you’re still interested….”Was I
interested????   I let out a whoop they probably heard in
Say what you want, no one will ever convince me that wasn’t
what I’ve come to call a GODWINK!
A Godwink is when something so fantastic, so unlikely, so
phenomenal happens at just the right time that you can’t
explain it any other way except GOD!!
So here I am trying to explain to the gang at Mr. Omelet what
just happened and fielding all kinds of questions….they’re all
saying congrats and how cool, and that’s wonderful!!   I’m think-
ing myself it’s pretty more than just wonderful….it’s more like a
miracle in my book!!   To God be the glory, right?
So I race home to tell the kids we’re not homeless anymore,
then stop at the realtors to drop off the deposit, etc.    The
realtor says, “By the way….you DO know that the appliances
in the house DON’T come with it, right?   You’ll have to furnish
your own….”  
My heart sank to my toes…where was I gonna get that kinda
money????    Then he tells me I can go to Duke Power,
our local utility company and buy used applicances for a fee
added on to my monthly power bill and pay for them over
time.    OK….heart rises back to original position!!
Until the next morning, when I show up at Duke Power, pick
out a fridge, stove, washer & dryer, sign up for the “add it to
my bill program” and I’m happy because the monthly extra
on the bill is very reasonable…something I can swing easily.   
THEN I find out that this wonderful deal only takes effect AFTER
I make an initial deposit on each appliance.    The amount
required for this initial deposit almost sent me into cardiac
arrest…..for all four appliances, I’d have to come up with
almost $800.00 total!!!    I told the nice lady, sorry but I didn’t
have that much cash up front and wouldn’t have any time soon
and walked back up the hill to Mr. Omelet very depressed!   
How could I move my family into a house with no stove or
I could handle the washer dryer thing…wouldn’t be the first time
I’d done laundry in the tub and hung it outside to dry…
but with no way to store or cook food things were definitely
NOT looking up.    Three growing kids could not eat Mr. Omelet
eggs and burgers every single day!!!    What was I gonna do??
Anyway, within an hour, all the Omelet regulars knew the
situation, what I needed & how much for a deposit to get the
appliances, etc.  and they were all commiserating with me. 
It wasn’t the world’s wealthiest neighborhood and most folks
existed on minimum wage jobs or social security or disability,
etc.    But,  I told them not to worry….God would make a
way somehow.    Bob, one of the plumbers, said “Putting an
awful lot on the Big Guy ain’t ya Dusty?”  I told him, “I’m
pretty sure He can handle it, Bob….somehow!”
I was off the next day so we got busy moving what stuff we had
left after the fire into the new house….around 10 am, one of the
guys helping move the big stuff  hollers out, “Hey D….come out
I see  a Duke Power truck in the driveway and two guys are
unloading stuff onto the porch!    A fridge, a stove, and a washer/
dryer combo!!    They weren’t the ones I’d picked out the day
before either…I’d looked at used ones—these were brand
spanking-new!!!    I freaked!!  “Whoa, fellas, whoa!!
I haven’t paid for these…..I couldn’t afford the deposit on the
credit contract and I haven’t signed anything!!”      The big one
consulted his clipboard, scratched his head and asked,
“Are you Dusty Fulbright?”   I nodded.  He pointed to the order
and said, “It’s right here in black and white, 4 appliances,
delivered to this address, no balance due, no payments listed.
They’ve all been paid for in full!”     I just stood there with my
mouth hanging open before I could find my voice to ask…”Paid
for by who???”    He turned around and showed me his clipboard
and I saw on the line that said Paid By?  someone had simply
scrawled ‘Mr. Omelet.’     I lost it!
Between the house being mysteriously reduced and now these
appliances being paid for?  I just sat right down on the grass
and started to cry….it was more than I could take in or
comprehend!  Who at Mr. Omelet had that kind of money???  
Did they know the realtor too?   I didn’t know and knew
I’d never figure it out, but I knew for sure Who was behind it
all!!      God was bailing me out just like He had so many times
before.    I knelt down on the lawn,  made the movers do the
same so we could give thanks right then and there to a Father
who is always there for those who trust Him!!!

4 responses to this post.

  1. so this brought chills all over my body and what I call Jesus bumps!! God is so good ain’t he???


  2. Posted by lisa stevens on June 1, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    I don’t remember the incident you’re writing about, but I do remember you, and Bob, and Dell, who teased me mercilessly. Also Sandra and her paint crew who used Mr omelet as their How strange that I’d stumble across this blog! I hope you and your family are doing well. 🙂

    Lisa, former Mr Omelet waitress circa 1990.


  3. Wow! To God be the glory. He is full of compassion toward His children and pours out His love and mercy on us. Thx for sharing. He is still receiving praise today from the Mr. Omelet days!!!!!


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