Unanswered Prayers!

After the debacle in the Baptist Church, Kat and I settled into our own Sunday morning routine of prayer, Bible reading, etc… 
We never again discussed going to “another” church.    Apparently, as we learned the hard way, southern hospitality
stopped at the doorsill of worship services.
Now, when we were still up in New England, and Kat was 2 or 3 years old, I had suffered several miscarriages in a row.    The
doctors were never able to explain why I seemed unable to carry another baby to term.   As you can imagine, being pregnant, then losing the baby, over and over again, had me on an emotional roller coaster that after two years or so, became unbearable!   I tried desperately to find a doctor who’d be willing to tie my tubes….I did not want to be pregnant ever again!      But I met with no success….they all said the same thing:   You’re only 24…I will NOT tie your tubes!    SIGH.
Good Catholic girl that I was, I turned to God for help!   I made novenas, said rosaries, lit candles and spent literally hours on
my knees asking God to point me to a doctor who could “fix” this problem for me.      Did I ever get an answer?  Nope…not
then.   It felt exactly like every prayer I sent up was smashing into a HUGE cloud bank & not getting anywhere near heaven…   
On the other hand, even though I didn’t find a doctor to tie my tubes, I DID stop getting pregnant at the mere  mention of the
word, so that was a partial answer?
But now, 7 years later, I found myself in the South, married to a man who wanted nothing more than SONS to carry on the
family name!!   I explained that GETTING pregnant had never been the problem….STAYING pregnant on the
other hand was a bit more challenging.   He wanted to try anyway.   And this time? God was obviously listening.   I became
pregnant almost immediately, went to term without a single problem and gave birth to my son Ryan 9 months later.  I was
ecstatic, Eddie was proud, Kat was delighted and I’m sure the Lord was appreciative of my not pestering Him every morning
about what I thought was wrong in my life!
When Ryan was 9 months old, 2 things happened.   I gave in to the unrelenting pressure of family in New England to make a
trip back home to show off my baby boy and God decided to reinstate a new session of His series entitled:  Homeschooling
Dusty on what happens when decisions are made without consulting the Lord.
I DID make the trip home, and when I returned to Winston-Salem, I was confronted with a husband who missed me SO
much!   Yadda, yadda, yadda….so despite the fact that it was the worst possible day of the month, from an ovulation standpoint, nature took its course and before I knew it?    Baby #2 was on the way…..SIGH!
So, Ryan was around a year and a half when his little brother was born.    Joseph, AJ for short, was a handful from the
beginning so needless to say, that first year of nursing an infant while supervising a 10 year-old AND chasing after a toddler
effectively cured me of wanting any more babies!!  LOL!   And it turned out that my Unanswered prayer about finding a doctor to tie my tubes 7 years earlier was one of the most beautiful gifts from God I’d ever received!!    If He’d answered that particular prayer, I wouldn’t have the two beautiful boys I have today!! 
So, the next time your prayer goes Unanswered?  Take a lesson from me and just trust the Father.   He can see what we do not and He always knows what’s best for us!
One other thing that happened was  my discovery that, for all intents and purposes?  My husband was just another overgrown
boy…..he had no interest or talent for things like money management,budgeting, or any other adult pursuits.    The last thing I needed was a 4th child to raise.    One thing led to another and we divorced soon after AJ was born.    To His credit, not once did the Lord say “I told you so!”  He just listened as I confessed, complained and begged Him to forgive me for NOT asking His help with all these decisions I’d made without once seeking His help!
A few months later, our mobilehome burned to the ground in a terrible fire one winter night.    I awoke about 3 am to find the
trailer filled with smoke!   God stepped in again to save all of our lives!    I raced to the bedroom at the opposite end of the trailer, scooped up both babies, and raced back to the door, with one on each hip and Kat close behind me.   
Because the heat had warped the door frame so badly, Kat wasn’t able to pull the door open.    She was terrified and
screaming, of course, the babies were wiggling to get down and the whole trailer was on fire behind us…..even my braid
which was hanging down my back was starting to singe!!    I told Kat to get out of the way and without ever putting the
babies down (I was afraid I’d never find them again with all the smoke!) I just sent a prayer up to Heaven and proceeded to
kick that front door OUT.  
We lost everything we owned that night except for the pajamas we were wearing and my Grandma’s Bible, which we found the next day during a tour of the totally destroyed trailer with the Fire Marshall.    I was amazed to find the Bible barely scorched on the floor of the living room!    “It’s a miracle!” I said to the Fire Marshall!   He shook his head, saying, “Lady?  The miracle is that a woman your size, was somehow able, with 2 babies in her arms, to kick out a steel door warped shut by intense heat!!   That should have been physically impossible…..a man my size couldn’t have done it!   And I can’t explain it!”    I told him the only possible explanation is that God intervened and saved me and my children.
We did end up moving, because as it turned out?   My ex-husband had not bothered to pay the insurance premium on the insurance the previous month….(it was Christmas don’t ya know?)    He was going to catch it up this month…..predictably, the insurance company was NOT impressed or convinced and there would be not one penny to pay for the trailer OR replace our belongings.  Sigh….stay tuned for the next exciting chapter in the adventures of Dusty!!!

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  1. I will never forget that fire Dusty! I also remember our faces when you found that bible the next day!! There was nothing but black everywhere…even stuff in the fridge had been melted down by the heat but that bible was barely singed on the edges!! What a miracle!!!


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