So it was that in mid-September of 2004, we rolled into
Charlotte, NC.   
We’d visited before but the thought of  living in a city as
big as Charlotte was a bit daunting!   I’d thought Winston-
Salem was BIG, but Charlotte was HUGE!!!  Would I ever feel
at home in such a big city? 
I’d transferred  to another Walmart in Charlotte, near
where the kids lived and worked there until January of 2005.   
Then came the layoffs.    Rich was happy living with the kids…. 
he’d joined a few tennis leagues and was making friends, etc.
But in the winter of 2005, since I found myself job-hunting
again, we decided it was time to get our own place.   
Having learned my lesson long ago about charging ahead
without asking God for His advice, the first thing I did was
I found a new job working as a receptionist / administrative
assistant to the owner of a modeling agency on the other side of
Charlotte.    Quite a ways from where the kids lived, but the pay
was good.    As soon as I was settled into the new job, we started
house-hunting.     Rich was determined to get a condo….
claimed he’d mowed enough lawns to last him the rest of his
life!  LOL! 
What an adventure!   We must have looked at 100 different
places & all I remember is that most of them had nothing that
even remotely resembled a front porch!   This is where I should
explain that even though Rich and I are perfectly suited to one
another on a personal level, we come from extremely different
He’s quiet and on the introverted side, then there’s me….fresh
from the “redneck roundup”!!    Most of the places I’ve lived in
have sported HUGE front porches, complete with flowers,
swings, rocking chairs and tables, with a wide view of the street.  
This enabled yours truly, who usually could be spotted in her
favorite rocker, coffee cup in hand,  watching all the comings and
goings in the neighborhood and yellingl at the top of her lungs to
various folks  “Hey Gina!   Morning!!   C’mon over for a coffee
…just made it fresh!!” etc….   You get the idea.
Now we were condo-shopping….most condos/townhomes do
NOT come equipped with front porches of any kind.    If you’re
lucky you might find a patio out back the size of a postage
stamp, or a balcony with enough room for a plant. Period.   
We looked at big ones, little ones, medium-size ones, etc…
without finding anything we liked.    Finally, one of the girls at
the modeling agency suggested I look online.   Now back then?  
Not only did I not have a computer,  I had no idea they had
real estates sites !   So she agreed to help me when she got
back from lunch.   
Well, I was on my way to make copies and
when I returned to my desk, my monitor was showing what
looked liked newspaper listings of houses for sale.   One of
them was in bolder type than anything else on the page….it
was for a condo.    
I just assumed that my co-worker had decided to “help me”
before she went to lunch instead of after so I hollered over
She yelled back, “For what?”   “For finding this real estate
page on the Internet for me!”    She came over right away,
claiming she hadn’t been NEAR my computer.  “I said, but
look….these are condo listings right in this neighborhood!!!”  
She said, “That’s great, but I didn’t find them.”   Now this was
on a Tuesday morning and there was literally no one in the
office that day except for she and I.    We looked at each other
and she said, “We’ve got SPOOKS!!”   To which I replied, “No…
what we have is a truly amazing God!!”
The listing that was in bold type sounded perfect….2 bedroom,
with patio, in a neighborhood right around the corner from
the modeling agency!   And God had found it for us!!    I called
Rich to let him know that the Lord had found us a place to look
at!  As soon as he picked me up after work, we went to look at it.
It was perfect!!   Being sold by a young couple who, for job-related
reasons, had to move…the place had brand-new everything!!   We
weren’t in a position to buy right that minute because we still
had the house in Winston to sell, but we traded information
and said we’d keep in touch.   And we did.
Four months later, the house in Winston was taken care of so
not expecting too much after 4 months, I called Bridget about
the condo we’d looked at.    She was SO excited to hear from
Said she was SURE God wanted us to have the condo cause He’d
been saving it for us!    Apparently, they’d continued to show the
place and had several people interested, but for one reason or
another, every offer  they’d received had fallen through!!  
One lady’s mom got sick so she was forced to re-locate…..another
young couple who were very interested in it were suddenly
transferred out of state without warning….one buyer couldn’t
secure enough financing at the last minute, etc….She said, “It’s
like He was saving it just for you!!”
I was tickled and Rich loved it anyway so we bought it and became
the newest residents of our beloved little village here in Charlotte
known as Candlewood Condominiums!!

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