Settling In….

The first two years at Candlewood were extremely busy.    Since
we’d either sold or given away most of our furniture up in New
England before driving South, we had to furnish the condo
from the bottom up.   That was an adventure that produced
great furniture and some pretty awesome memories at the
same time!   
So 2005 and 2006 were a blur of activity, but certain things will
always stand out in history, for us anyway!   One thing we did in
2006 was acquire our beloved pooch, Sugar.   That was God too!
I tell this story to illustrate that God not only takes an interest in
the big stuff of our lives, but also the little stuff.  He’s interested in
everything about us!!    
I had two little parakeets in a cage in the kitchen that I
absolutely adored, but when we had the new security system
installed….it didn’t mesh well with the birdies, who kept
setting off the alarm.    So, despite much heartache, the birdies
were given away to a friend in Winston-Salem.    I cried for
days.     Finally, Rich said, “Let’s get you a dog!”   MIRACLES
do still happen!  LOL!     
So we set out one Saturday to visit the pet fairs at all the Pet
Smart stores in search of a Yorkie.   I’m thinking small condo =
small dog, right?  WRONG!    After an amazingly UNsuccessful
afternoon we were still Yorkie-less and about to head home,
when all of a sudden I heard God say, “One more store!”   I
told Rich the Lord said we should try one more!    So we went
to the next store in line up in Matthews.    They had 2 yorkies
out being walked and invited me to sit down.   I did and the
next thing I know, this little black and white dog, part spaniel-
part beagle, is in my lap, licking my face, yipping excitedly!!
The staff were amazed…..they’d had her almost a year and she
never approached anyone…that’s why she’d never been
She obviously saw, sensed or smelled something about me that
hit home because she adored me!     And one look into those
brown eyes and I was hopelessly in love!     We adopted her on
the spot and she’s been with us ever since.    We can’t imagine
our lives or our home without her now….definitely a member
of the family.    One that we never would have found without God
prompting us to check “one more store”!!! 
So don’t ever let anything or anyone convince you that God is
only to be sought out concerning the BIG decisions or the BIG
problems….He cares about every detail of your life—He loves
us so much that if it’s important to us?  It matters to Him! 
Also, the church search I blogged about earlier took place during
this period.   That led to the episode I now refer to as  THE EPIPHANY!  
 Details in the next blog!!

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