A New Life….A New ME!!!

 After that, things happened very quickly!!   

Within 6 months,  I had built and launched my website:  

Dusty’s Front Porch,  started my little Thought for the

Day email, began crocheting my Hats for the Homeless, hand-
crafting my Disciples Crosses as witness tools, returned to
painting T-shirts that I called Witness Wear,  located and
joined a jail ministry in downtown Charlotte and just
generally focused and searched for new and different ways
to impact the world for Jesus.
The most bizarre Godwink was the website.   Remember, this
was back in 2006.    I’d only just gotten a computer and was still
trying to figure the whole thing out!    I could type like the wind,
but when it came to computer technology I was hopelessly
I’d had some of my poetry out on the web, but it was scattered
all over the place.   One lady, Miriam, was in her 80s and lived
in Stockholm, Sweden, was a big fan.    She emailed me one day
and asked where she could find my poem The Mustard Seed so
she could read it to her sister.     I told her to Google it….I had
no idea where it was.   That’s when she told me, “Girl….you
need to build a website and put all your wonderful stories in
one place so your readers can find them.”   I laughed and
“Miriam?   I can hardly open my email, much less build a
website!!”   She told me to pray about it and I promised I
So that night, when I said my prayers, I added a P. S. saying
“Lord?  How about that crazy Miriam over in Sweden!!  You
know and I know that when you were passing out
technological savvy I was waiting over in the Rhyme line!! 
But she won’t believe me, so I’m gonna let You tell her ok? 
Next morning, I go into the office and my monitor was NOT
on my inbox where I always left it….instead,.I had a HUGE
yellow screen, with GIANT red letters that said
                           CLICK HERE !!”
I sat and stared for a while, then fought my way through
the goosebumps and clicked on the link……this was a
definite case of God’s on Miriam’s side!!! 
It took me 3 months to get through that tutorial and build
a website!     Plus several more smaller winks to actually
get it launched!     Yahoo had a startup fee of over $100,
which we did NOT have handy.   The next day?   They call
and tell me they’ll waive the fee if I can launch that day!! 
Then I had to pick a name for the site before it could launch. 
My first thought?   God’s Front Porch!!   Of course, right?  
I made it halfway to the phone to call YAHOO and heard His
voice:  “Not MY Porch….YOUR porch!”     HUH?  Now trust me,
when I say that arguing with the Lord is NOT a habit of mine,
but this I just didn’t understand!!  “But Lord….the porch is
about YOU, not me!!”    All He said was, “Trust Me!”    So, even
though I definitely did NOT agree….I called Yahoo and told
them the name of the website would be Dusty’s Front Porch.
It was only months later, after I realized that the little site I’d
built to hold  my “stories” was morphing into an online
community, with a readership bigger than I’d ever imagined,
that Clayton solved the mystery!       We were talking on the
phone and I mentioned the whole name thing, and he just
laughed and laughed, “Don’t you get it?   If you had called it
God’s Front Porch….you’d have gotten believers to click in
but folks that didn’t believe in God?   The name alone would
have made them not even bother…..but this way?   They
click to see what it’s all about and a lot of them are hooked
halfway down the front page of a site they never would have
come to if you hadn’t obeyed the Lord!!   Granted, the Porch
is a great daily stop for inspiration and encouraging believers,
but His aim is also to attract and interest UNbelievers!!  Good
thing obedience comes natural to you!!”
Then there was the time, when the Porch was only about 6
months old and my computer just up and died.  Kaput.  NADA. 
Dead in the water.    No way we could afford a  new computer
….we were robbing Peter to pay Paul already!     So I had a
heart-to-heart with Jesus out on the patio one day…..”Lord?  
You bent over backwards to bring the Porch into being and I
know You know what the situation is down here….so if you’ve
got any ideas?   I’m definitely listening!!”
Very next day, I go to work and the Vice-President calls me
into his office.    Now I’m not known for suffering or worrying
in silence by any means….so he knew that my computer at
home had died, etc.    He did not however, know anything
about the Porch website.    So I’m standing there in his office,
totally baffled, wondering, “Now what??”    He says, “Do you
remember Matt, the guy who worked for us remotely from his
home in Colorado?”    Well, sure I did.  He went on, “Well,
since he’s no longer with us, he’s shipping the computer we
gave him back to us ….it should arrive today.    Now, it’s an
older, 2-year old version that we’re not going to use anymore
so the powers-that-be told us to toss it.    What we’re gonna
do is re-vamp it and toss it indeed…..right into the back of
your car if you can get your hubby here by noon today!  
Then we’ll send a guru tech out to your place tomorrow
to get you all hooked up!   How’s that sound??” GODWINK!
All I could do was hug his neck…HARD!!   He had no idea why
I was crying…OR why I walked out of his office and into the
empty conference room next door, fell on my knees and cried
even harder!!   Talk about Godwinks!!!    When you get the
Lord on board?  He’s definitely a Mover and a Shaker!!!  
So when I tell folks that God Himself moved Heaven & Earth
to make this whole Front Porch thing happen, I’m not just
whistling Dixie!!     Too many “mini-miracles” in a row for it
to have been anyone BUT God!!
Even my working at Cirrus was the result of a Godwink!   I’d
gotten laid off from the modeling agency in April of 2006 and
had spent the summer going to interviews, filling out apps, etc.  
I knew God had something up His sleeve that He’d share when
the time was right.     So after going to about a gazillion
interviews, I found myself with a 10:30 appointment at this
one particular office building.   We’re early, as always, and I’m
just sitting in the truck watching all these women file out of the
building and gather around the concrete ashtray, juggling
coffee cups & phones as they light up for what was obviously
their morning coffee break.    Clear as a bell and out of nowhere,
I hear the Lord’s voice, “Get out and go talk to those girls….”   
Okie-dokie!   I tell Rich where I’m going and he asks, “Do you
know any of them?”I answered, “Nope!   But God wants me to
talk to ’em!”    So off I go.
I strike up a conversation and one of the girls nods at my
portfolio and says, “Job hunting?”   I told her yeah and the
market was rough so they should all be grateful they were
working!!    She asked, “What do you do?”  I told her I was an
excellent typist with moderate computer skills who could learn
to do anything!”  She laughed and said, “If things don’t work out
at your interview? Stop by Cirrus on the 2nd floor  and ask for CJ!!”
So I left the interview, stopped and asked for CJ.    She hauls
me into the office, introduces me around and tells Greg and Jeff
that I’m who they need.   Well, they hired me on the spot…..no
resume,no application, nothing.    I started the next day and
worked there for three years!    Definitely a GODWINK!!

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