Health Issues!

Early in 2009, I had some troublesome  female issues develop...
I’ll give the boys a break and stay away from graphic detail
except to say that it involved heavy bleeding.     Like daily,
constant bleeding.  No pain though.  None at all.   Strange?
Very!   Especially since I’d gone through early menopause  in
the  90s after my original you’re gonna die diagnosis
back in Winston!       But it didn’t interfere with my
schedule in any way and I wasn’t in any pain, so I just gave
it to God and went about my business.   
During that time, I got laid off at Cirrus, started with the jail
ministry, began painting Witness Wear t-shirts, making my
little Disciples Crosses, etc.    I thought about the bleeding
from time to time.     Now in May of 2009, one of our older
pastors over at Garr, who had retired due to chronic illness,
gave one final sermon which really made an impression on
me.    Garr’s non-denominational, but it’s roots are firmly
Pentecostal, so they had lots of folks who faithfully prayed for
whoever was sick to be healed.  Like Pastor Byrd.
But his sermon that Sunday was about how we should never
doubt God’s will because if he hadn’t spent the last 12 years
battling illness he never would have impacted the number
of folks he had for Jesus.    People in hospitals, waiting rooms,
dialysis clinics….staff, doctors, nurses, patients, families of
patients, etc.      These folks would all see him and know how
sick he was and how much pain he was in and were unable
to figure out the source of the man’s attitude and joy and
the peace that just emanated from him all the time!!   That
gave him just the opportunity he needed to start a conversa-
tion and bring it around to Jesus!    He reminded us that
had he not been sick he never would have had access to any
of those people and how God always had a plan, even if we
couldn’t always see it!
Now my imagination began to work overtime!  Was Pastor
Byrd’s sermon God’s way of telling me I should go to the
hospital and get the bleeding checked out?   I’d just assumed
that I should do what I did back in ’93 which was  leave
it in His hands.   But what if, this time, I was supposed to
be in a hospital setting and touch people there for Him?
Everything was different now then it was back then….the kids
were on their own and reproducing at an alarming rate, my
marriage was good and solid.     I was SO confused!   I didn’t
want to do anything that was AGAINST God’s will for me,
but I didn’t know what His will was!!!     So I called Clayton
and laid it all out for him.  
As usual, he laughed and laughed.  (Wonder what he would have
done for comedy in his life if I had ever quit calling?) He told me
not to worry my head about it.    He said, “I’m not saying you
WON’T end your life in a hospital someday, and I’m also sure
that as long as there’s breath in your body, you’ll be telling
folks about Jesus wherever you happen to be,  but for now?  
If you’re not in any pain?
Just keep on keeping on, girl.    You’re a cutie pie, but you’re
not big enough to get in God’s way or mess up His plans.   If &
when He wants you in the hospital, trust me, He’ll get you there
and you won’t have a thing to say about it.   When that happens
just go with the flow…until then?  Do what you’re doing!”
Made sense to me, especially in the light of how busy I was!!  
Seemed like, back then, every morning I’d wake up with a
new plan or task to get done!  Mostly on the porch, which
was growing by leaps and bounds!!    In 2010, one morning
in March, God wanted to know why there wasn’t anything
about Easter on the Porch!     GULP!!   I said, “I’ll get right
on that Lord!”   And I did!     Built 4 new pages all about
the Easter Story….how He died, how He suffered, WHY
He did it all for us and how He rose again, defeating death
and guaranteeing our home in Heaven!   Then I put a
picture of a pretty little garden gate on the front page and
 labeled it simply The Easter Gate.    Got all this done
around the end of March…..about a week before Easter
and posted a message asking folks to email me their
names and ages and locations if their walk through the
Gate had impacted them in any way for Jesus.  
Well, one of the first to email was a lady from Marseilles, which
is outside of Paris, France.   She was SO excited…wanted me to
send her my cell phone # so she could talk to me.   So I did.
That was a hinky conversation….cause she spoke fluent French
and very little English so we had to go s-l-o-w!!    But the gist
of her story was that she’d been a NON-believer and her sister
was constantly bugging her about it.   ‘Specially at Easter–you
know how we get!!  LOL!    Anyway, she went upstairs and
slammed the door to shut out her sister’s nagging and sat down
to check her email and all of a sudden, she’s on this website
called Dusty’s Front Porch!!    She figured she hit the wrong
key or something and tries to X out of it, but the X box won’t
work.   So she starts circling the page looking for another
way to exit out and she sees the Easter Gate and thinks that
might work.    She says….”by page 2?  You had me….I read
all the pages, then I just sat there and cried for an hour before
I gave Jesus my heart.    I had to call and thank-you!!
This has been the most amazing 2 weeks of my life!!”   Right
then?   The goosebumps hit me BIG Time!
I asked her, “Two weeks?  When did you first click the Easter
Gate?”  She said, “I’ll never forget the date: it was March 16th,
the night before St. Patrick’s Day!!”    I swallowed hard and
tried to explain to her and myself, that I hadn’t even built the
Easter pages until the 27th or so of March!!   So how did she
find & click on it March 16th and was she sure of the date?”
She was absolutely sure!   So God not only got her to the
Porch somehow…..He got her  through a gate that hadn’t
even been built yet!!   Say it with me:   GODWINK!!!!!!!!!
I’ll return to this entry later and blog about even more
Godwinks that occurred between 2009 and 2012.    That period
was chockfull of God’s plans for growing the Front Porch….
how it went from being just a database to hold my stories to
an online community complete with chapels, prayer wheels,
guest books and an interactive chat box!

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