More Godwinks!!

From 2006 to 2009 the Godwinks  kept coming!   I remember
one time during football season, I kept noticing signs in 
yards for this team or that team and one day I said to Rich,
“We need to put a sign up for God!”   He just grinned and said,
“We’re going to the Christian store, aren’t we?”    So we did.  
What I wanted was a sign that had Hebrews 13:8 on it.  
Jesus Christ….the same yesterday, today and forever.    I found
one right away!   For $50!!  That wasn’t happening.    So on the
way home, I said “Lord?  If find $50 in the pocket of last years
jeans or something, I’m coming right back to buy that sign..
otherwise?  It’s gotta wait!
Well, the next morning, I’m upstairs on my “cuddle couch”
(just a small loveseat big enough for me and the dog where I
say my prayers in the morning in the winter).     I’m halfway
through Corinthians and I hear His voice, “Look behind the
trash can.”
I knew it was Him, but I figured I’d heard Him wrong.   
The Lord of the Universe talking about trash cans?     So I
went back to Corinthians, till I heard Him again.   “Look
behind the trashcan!”   OK….still convinced I’d mis-heard
Him, I put down the Bible, trotted downstairs and out to the
I open the gate and pull out the trash can to look into the
little cubby hole behind it ( something I’d never bothered to
do before) & what do I see?   On the ground, in the corner is
this small square of old board….covered with mildew and
cobwebs…all stained and filthy.     I pick it up and realize
it’s just the right size!!!     So I scrubbed it, scoured it & 
bleached it to get all the nasty off, then I painted it white & 
got out my brushes and black paint.    I lettered  Hebrews
13:8 on it & nailed it up over the window on the patio!   
Who knew? God did!!   He obviously liked the idea of a sign
for Him, but He wasn’t crazy about the idea of  having to
wait!!  GODWINK!!!
Another time, money was super tight….we were down to like
$70 & some change in the checking account and the next cash
day was over 2 weeks away.    I’ve lived hand-to-mouth most of
my life, but Rich was definitely not used to cutting things that
close so he wasn’t exactly a happy camper when things got that
One day, he goes off to do errands and calls me about an hour
later.      He’s run over something and gotten a flat tire!    Had
to get it fixed of course, no options there.  He tells me “You
better pray cause I don’t know if we even have enough money
to get a new one!!”    So I hung up and hit my knees, right
there in the kitchen, just to let Jesus know what was going on.
Rich comes home an hour later, grumbling a mile a minute…
he got it fixed but it cost $73 and some change which, of
course, pretty much cleaned out the bank account.   He asked
me, “Did you pray this morning?”   To which I replied, “Is the
sky blue? Course I prayed!”    He said, “Well, doesn’t look like
it worked!” I answered, “The day’s not over yet!”   
Later that afternoon, he goes out to get the mail and finds an
envelope from one of the utility companies, I forget which one,
but he opens it up and it’s not a bill.    It’s a REFUND check for
something we overpaid…. in the amount of $73 and some
change!!”  He was stunned!!   I was tickled!!    GODWINK!!!
Then, one time in 2009 God sent me a story about a prisoner
in jail somewhere and I felt He was pushing me towards some
kind of jail ministry.    Well, I didn’t know a thing about jail
ministries of any kind so I called up my pastor and he gave
me the number of a man named Sam Inman who went to our
church.    So, one day, while I was on a break sitting outside at
Cirrus, I gave Sam a call, introduced myself and asked him what
was involved in getting certified to work in a jail like that.   Well,
he laid it all out for me and my heart sank.    Lots of time
for one thing and that’s the one thing I didn’t have right then!
So I told him I’d pray about it and in the future if I had any
free time I’d give him a call back, but I didn’t know how long
it would be cause I was working full-time and my schedule
was super tight.   He said no problem, he didn’t think it’d
be too long and for me to just call when I was ready, that
they’d be glad to have me.    Well, that kinda burst my bubble,
but I promised God right then that I really thought my stories
and poems that He and I had worked so hard on  would be 
inspiring if I could read them to inmates and I promised Him
that as soon as I had some free time open up that I’d do just that! 
Remember that old saying, “Be careful what you
 pray for cause God’s always listening?  I need that on a
license plate, cause I walked back into Cirrus two minutes
after this chat with the Lord and got laid off!    No lie!!
So what could I do?   I called Rich to come pick me up & while
I was sitting outside waiting for him, I called Mr. Sam back &
said, “You’re not going to believe this!”   But he just said, “Let
me guess… just had a big chunk of time open up!”   I was
flabbergasted!  “How’d you know??”   He laughed, “That’s
the way God usually works!!”    GODWINK!!
I’m typing away trying to remember some other Godwinks but
I’ll just have to come back and stick them into these blogs as
they come to mind cause looking back it seems like my life has
been full of them! 

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