Pray for Healing? Why I Don’t….


Been getting lots of emails lately questioning why I don’t advocate
praying for God to “heal” me.  So I figured I’d address it in my brand
new blog.     Guess I’ll begin by saying that I felt this way even 
before the Big C (cancer) showed up.    I do understand that not
all Christians feel or even understand my point of view and they are
totally within their rights to believe whatever they choose.   To me,
however, the whole idea of praying for God to heal me of anything,
is being just a bit more arrogant with the Lord than I’m comfortable
with!       It’s like saying, “Never mind YOUR will —- pay attention to
MINE!”    That’s not a conversation I can imagine myself EVER having
with the Father!
Let me also say that my faith in God and His abilities has always
been rock solid.   My unwillingness to pray for “healing” has nothing to
do with what I believe He’s capable of.   Our God can do Anything;  of
that I have no doubt.
But over the course of my life, I’ve come to understand that while God
doesn’t cause illness, disease or sickness, He can and does use these
things to further His agenda.  I cling tightly to Romans 8:28.  
He will work all things to good for His children who are
committed to His purpose.      Years ago, when my children were
small and I was working as a waitress, I had problems with severe
psoriasis in both feet.  
The skin had worn away in a dozen places, walking was a nightmare &
eventually I spent 8 weeks in a wheelchair because they simply would
not hold me up.    I never once prayed to be healed….what I did do
was pray almost every minute of every day for the grace and the
strength to make it one more day.   The Lord never failed to answer
those prayers.       Many people wanted to ‘lay hands on me’ or pray
themselves for my healing, (this is the South, after all!) but I usually
politely declined.   Then I had to listen to all the remarks:  “Oh I’m
sorry….I thought you were a Christian.”   Sigh.   
If you plan on responding to that particular comment here in Dixie
I hope you’ve cleared your schedule and packed a lunch!
LOL!   I am a staunch Christian and yes, I’ve read in the Bible
all the different places where it says we can pray for healing.   
I’ve also learned that God usually gives His best to those who leave
the choice up to Him.
I’m not attempting to criticize those who pray for themselves or others
to be healed of anything and everything. My own church is non-
denominational with strong Pentecostal roots.   Someone sneezes and
they have 100 people on their knees in a flash:  “Heal her Lord!!”   
Whatever works for you.    
Personally, I believe that God knows everything about me on a daily basis.
The big stuff ( job loss, cancer, money issues ), the little stuff ( where ARE
those keys, hope this recipe turns out, why can’t I fall asleep ) all of it.
If it has an effect on me in any way, my Father knows.   And He cares.
When I’m happy — He’s happy.   When I hurt, He hurts.    He’s proved
this to me over and over again.    So when the cancer showed up, I didn’t
feel the need to TELL Him.   He knew.  I know that, like the song says,
Nothing touches my life without first going through His hands.  That
thought alone brings me more comfort than I have words to explain. To  
put it another way:  “He’s GOT this”.    He has a reason for this even if I’m
not able to see or understand it right this minute.   I’m not required to
understand everything He does and He’s certainly not under any
obligation to explain Himself to me!!!    What He tells me in His Word 
is that I should trust Him.   Completely.  No matter what.  Whether I
understand things or not.    So that’s what I do! 
Even in my little thought for the day email, when folks write in with
prayer requests, I mention the person’s first name and  ask my readers to
keep them in prayer.   For strength, grace, comfort, peace, whatever’s
needed.     But I’m NOT comfortable telling God what to do on my behalf
or anyone else’s.     Jesus is aware of every detail of our lives.    He knows
what each of us needs and when.   He certainly doesn’t rely on RED FLAG
prayers to keep Himself updated on who’s sick with what and where they
are.      He knows what we need, usually before we know ourselves.    For
me it all goes back to “trust”.     He’s been with me all my life and He’s
never once let me down.   I just can’t bring myself to believe that He’s
carried me all this way just to drop me now!
For too many people, praying for healing can be a dangerous thing.   They
pray for God to heal them or a loved one.     Then, if the healing doesn’t
come fast enough, or in the way they wanted, or the way they think it
should or at all,  they’ll use that as an excuse to start complaining that He
isn’t there, or isn’t real or isn’t listening.    Wrong, wrong, and wrong!!
Always remember that God sees the WHOLE picture….not just the
smidgeon that’s under your nose right now.     The two-year-old who,
despite the prayers of his family and his whole church, succumbs to the
cancer that’s riddled his little body for most of his life —Is it because God
doesn’t care?     Because He was too busy?    Nonsense.   God sees and
knows what WE cannot and never will down here.      Perhaps, God
in His tender mercy, saw that if this child were “healed” now, his future
would contain even more sickness, pain and suffering and brought him
home to Heaven so he’d be spared all that misery.    We can’t second-
guess God.    Through faith, we must believe He always has our best
interests at heart.    
Will the family of that child know pain and loss?   Most certainly.     Will
they ever understand why the Father chose to take their child to heaven
instead of healing him here?    Probably not.    But if their
faith is strong, they will find comfort and peace in the arms of Christ and
WILL be reunited with their little boy one day.    And because of their
faith and trust, the way they handle their child’s death will no doubt be a
powerful testimony both to other Christians and to who knows how many 
UNbelievers who watch them react to  what the rest of the world perceives
as a tragedy.
Whether or not God chooses to heal my cancer here on earth or by taking
me home to Heaven, is totally HIS decision and either way I’m perfectly
comfortable leaving the issue where it belongs and where I’ve spent my
entire life… His Hands.

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  2. I enjoyed this article very much and as a “newby” I cannot wait to have that kind of faith. I was not raised in church and it has taken me nearly 62 yrears to get where I am in faith so I look forward to the day I can be as strong as you are. Thanks for commenting on my blog and for following me.


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