Death….a Definition

 Thanks to my current situation, I’ve had lots and lots of conversations
about death lately.     Having a cancer that’s been declared “incurable”
by the doctors hasn’t changed my views about death one iota.    I was
brought up to believe that death is not an ending, but a simply a transition 
to the beginning of forever.      The start of an eternity spent in Heaven
with Jesus, the Savior Who loves me more than I could ever imagine!
I think what frightens a lot of people is the opinion they have of death as 
the great UNknown…. and that opinion to me, is perfectly logical if I’m
talking to someone who’s NOT a Christian, who’s never read the Bible, or
been taught anything about the afterlife and therefore, grew up believing
there isn’t one.   At least with someone like that, you know where to start!
What I can’t fathom is folks who ARE Christians, grew up in church and
claim to have a faith firmly grounded in Jesus, who STILL fear death and
treat it as a horrible thing to be dreaded and avoided.   Someone brought
a lady over here a few months ago who was also facing a diagnosis of
no-cure cancer.   She wanted this lady to “feel my attitude” in the hopes
it would rub-off on her, I guess.    
So we’re sitting out on the patio talking and I’m telling her how I feel and
why.  Then she starts telling us how she wouldn’t be so scared of dying
if she knew what to expect, where she was going and what it would be like.  
Here’s where  my tendency to let my mouth run in high gear while my
brain’s stuck  in neutral kicked in and I said the first thing that popped into
my head: “Ma’am… you not own a Bible?”   She said she did.   So I
asked, “Have you actually read it?  Or is it just some prop you keep on
the coffee table?”    
I could pretty much tell by the look on her face that I wasn’t exactly
creating a fan.    So I backpedaled trying to explain that I didn’t
understand how anyone who’d read the Bible could claim that death
was an unknown?    
God’s Word explains all about death….what it is, why it’s necessary, what
it means, and especially why Christians don’t have to fear it. He covers 
Heaven pretty thoroughly too.    More than any eye has seen, any ear has
heard or any mind can conceive is what He has prepared for those who love
Him.     Reunions with our loved ones who  went on ahead of us….streets of
gold…..many-roomed mansions…..(even though, personally I’ve already got
my order in for just a simple porch with a never-empty coffee pot and some
comfy rockers tucked away in a corner of Paradise where I can pretty much
see everything!!”} LOL!
We get to FINALLY meet Jesus face-to-face!!   I hate to fall back on song
lyrics again but really….I CAN ONLY IMAGINE!!!    What would YOU do first?
After I get my hug from Jesus, I’m on a mission to find the ones I love who
beat me up there!   My grandparents, my mom, my mother-in-law, the rest of
the family, then I’d love to track DAVID down… THERE’S a poet!!!   
I’m also gonna have to find Esther and I’d love to meet Paul, from one rebel
to another, right?  You get the idea—-besides, I’m sure you’ve got your own
agenda!  I mean, come on, who hasn’t spent time daydreaming about what
it’s gonna be like in Heaven??
And eventually, we’ll all have brand-new bodies that work the way they ought
to & we’ll all sing like angels!!   Even if you were a smokestack down here, or
couldn’t carry a tune if it had handles…..up there we’ll all be part of a heavenly
choir!   I can picture endless gardens, sunshine, blue skies, puffy clouds,
beautiful cities, angels up close, eternal peace and joy spent in the company
of our Savior and our loved ones!!   No more pain, suffering, tears, fears or
troubles!  My goodness —  what’s not to love?    More lyrics: 
           When I get where I’m going….don’t cry for me down here!!
And as for her ‘not knowing where she’s going?’   Let’s be real for a minute!  
Are you a Christian or not?   Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior or 
haven’t you?   If you haven’t, then I don’t blame you for being afraid —-
I’d be downright terrified!    And if you haven’t, you shouldn’t be running around 
calling yourself a Christian.  But if you already belong to Christ,  I can’t begin to
 understand how you don’t know where you’re going!!
Have you never read what Jesus says in the Bible?  Start Now!!   Did you
read it and not believe it? 
Not a good plan to tell folks you’re a Christian while thinking to yourself
that Jesus lies a lot.  He doesn’t.   Or maybe you read it and didn’t
understand what He said?  Find a preacher…..TODAY!!   Or someone
who can explain it to you!  
Does the idea of going to Heaven make me sad?   Only because I’m not excited
about causing pain to the ones who love me here.    But even that, I have to
leave in God’s hands.
I’ve experienced the sadness that comes when a loved one goes to Heaven
before I think I’m ready to let them go.   Did it hurt?  Yup.  Did God help me
through it? 
Yup.  Did I survive with a stronger faith than before because of it?  Yup.   And I
have to believe that the ones who’ll miss me the most will too!

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  1. Posted by sage caruana on June 14, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL Dusty~~You will get to meet Jesus; how lucky and blessed you are; I’m with you gal…I love you through spirit~~Mistybluewolf


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