Since I’ve started this whole blogging thing, I’ll bet I’ve heard/read the same
remark from readers over a dozen times, or variations of the same comment.
“Well, my goodness!!!!   If God worked in MY life as amazingly and as often
as He works in YOURS I’d have no trouble trusting Him!!!”    
And my response is always the same:    If you want to see Jesus move in your
life life I do?    You have to give Him what I gave Him…..100% !!  Lots of
these folks are what I call “Sunday Christians” or to paraphrase from another
blog….LUKEWARM Christians.    They’d never dream of skipping church on
Sunday or not saying grace before meals, but when it comes to interacting with
the Lord on a daily personal basis?    Unless calamity, illness, or some other
type of bad news rears it’s ugly head;  then they’re more than ready to hit
their knees and beg for help!        Not good enough people!!     Don’t kneel down
and say “Our Father” on Sundays if you fully intend to act like an orphan the
rest of the week!
Now, I’m not saying God won’t answer a heartfelt, panic-stricken prayer from
one of His children who’s been blind-sided by disaster….of course He will and
He does!    But prayer should be a daily visit with the Lord….to worship, to
praise, to fellowship, to learn, etc….    Jesus prayed early in the morning, late at
night, all times of the day….because He knew that keeping in close communion
with His Father was the only way to live!     Prayer should be a constant event
in the lives of Christians…..not a sporadic S.O.S. whenever we’re in trouble!!
I speak from experience too.    Until 2006, I was a lukewarm Christian myself.
Maybe warmer than some, but definitely not ON-FIRE like I am today.   A lot
of that was culture-oriented….I’m from New England and up there, while there
are many strong Christians, witnessing and sharing our faith with others was
not something that came easily.   It just wasn’t done much.  
Then I moved to Dixie in the early 80s and found an entirely NEW culture in
place down here!    Here in the South, when two people are introduced for the
first time, “What church y’all go to?”  is guaranteed to be one of the first three
‘lets-get-to-know-each-other questions, without a doubt!  
Now my relationship with Jesus has been strong, personal and very real to me
since I was a tiny girl.    I did, after all, grow up with Grandma Rose….who had
coffee and conversation with Jesus on her front porch every morning of her life. 
I can’t remember a single day of my life when I didn’t pray….it was just a normal
partof the day….brush your teeth, make your bed, say your prayers, do your
chores, etc….but this whole Southern thing of  ‘let’s have an iced tea and talk
about Jesus’ ?
Totally foreign to me….until that day in October of 2006, that I still refer to as
my “epiphany”.    Hubby says I walked up the stairs to my office and came down
30 minutes later as someone totally different!!    I didn’t feel different at the time,
but there was no denying that after that day my life and my faith have never been
the me!      Jesus got Paul’s attention on the road to Damascus and He got mine
on 10/06/2006 while I was  sitting at my computer.    I’ll tell the story of my
personal ‘epiphany’ in another blog on another day, but believe me when I tell
you that Jesus entered my lifeand my heart that afternoon in a HUGE way and
came alive to me like never before!!   The conversation went basically like this:  
          Jesus:   Child, give Me your whole heart & your whole life….I
                       can do so much more with it than you can alone!
          Me:       I’m in, Lord!!!  I give you everything I am….
                       Just show me what to do!  
Once you make the decision to live for, through and with Him?   All I can say
is eat your Wheaties and hang on tight….it’s gonna be a wild ride!!   In a single
heartbeat I went from lukewarm to on-fire for Jesus  and I’ve never looked
back!   The miracles, blessings, grace & Godwinks started coming and they’ve
never stopped!
100% .   That’s what God wants from you.   That’s how much of your heart He
expects you to offer Him.   His Word says He’ll change you….make you a new
creation from the inside out.    In other words?   He’s not going be satisfied
with just spiffing up the kitchen……He wants to launch a complete and total
remodel project of your heart and your life!    But you have to be willing to let
Him take charge of everything….every part of you!     You have to admit to
yourself & to Him, once and for all, that you can’t do this ‘life’ thing on your
own….that you’re nothing without Him!        For some folks, that’s relatively
easy….for others it’s foundation-shaking!   It means letting go of your pride
and admitting that you’re NOT in charge of anything…..and if you’ve spent
your life as a control freak, that’s not gonna be easy…..but it will be SO
worth it!   Take it from me!    Now I can almost hear some of you out there
thinking, “Easy for her to say….but I’d have to change too many bad habits
before I could become that kind of Christian!” 
Let me explain something amazing  that I discovered for myself.      If you
are sincere about wanting Jesus to take control of your life?   That’s where
the whole “new creation” thing kicks in!    If you want to truly change, then
all you have to do is trust the Lord to make it happen! 
Case in point?    I waited tables for almost 30 years, and as those of you who
are prone to hanging out in diners well know, most waitresses have one
thing in common:   BAD language!  Most of them, me included, could make
a trucker blush and a sailor proud without thinking twice about it.     But  
Jesus took care of my language issues almost overnight, with no conscious
effort on my part!  
Now mind you, even on my worst days, I seldom took the Lord’s name in
Grandma Rose is in Heaven after all…..and some part of me was always
conscious of that fact….so the very last thing I wanted was my Granny
materializing back here on earth with a bar of Ivory soap in her hand
determined to chase me down!   But just about every other obscene, vulgar
and crude phrase you could think up came as natural to me as breathing
until Jesus took the helm!!     And the funny thing was it took me months
to even notice that I wasn’t cussing anymore…..too much else going on
I guess!      You had to know me before to appreciate how big of a miracle
this really was!   
But it’s a prime example of how God WILL make the changes needed to
turn the willing believers into decent disciples fit to witness to others on
His behalf!!  If those believers are willing to let Him be General
Contractor for your heart and your life!!    The results will astound you
and those who know you!!!   Don’t wait…sign His contract today!!  
Time’s ‘a-wastin!!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Dusty…you are an amazing lady and knowing you as I do, I know that your life was never what some would refer to as a cake walk..I also know you were not the type to just hand over anything to anyone else to do…you did it all yourself…so I know that when you tell people that giving your life over to God 100% is the best thing you have done, that you mean this with all your heart!! I have never seen you tell anyone to do anything that you yourself hasn’t done or wouldn’t do…excellent piece here mama D!! You would not believe the amount of people you touch and even teach each and every day!! We love you!!!

    ❤ T L T ❤


  2. Dusty, it’s Marianne from Boomerville. I was thinking about you and, as I hadn’t seen you in BV recently, I thought I’d drop by and say hi! You are indeed an amazing lady…and thank you for writing words of such encouragement. God bless you…I know He sure does. 🙂 xxx


  3. Posted by Janet Cameron on November 17, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    Dusty, Your Front Porch is the gift that keeps on giving! I don’t think I will ever tire of visiting The Front Porch! It’s funny, enlightening, funny, spiritual, motivational, funny, scriptural, loving, caring and oh! did I say funny! Love you!



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