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I know, I know…’s been WAY too long since my last blog post
but things have been incredibly hectic around here the past few
months!!    Godwinks galore and opportunities just multiplying
themselves in amazing ways!!     The topic for this post is one
that’s been hammered home to me a LOT recently.
               As I gain more experience speaking to people about how
Christians should feel about the whole death and dying thing, both
in groups and one-on-one, I’ve started to gain a whole new
perspective  the major problem keeping so many Christians from
being able to hang on to a lifetime of belief in God’s promises and
 what He tells us in Scripture.     We’ve studied and read God’s
word in the Bible all our lives, what He says and teaches about
eternal life, salvation, paradise and death.    But that doesn’t seem
to prevent a lot of us from back-pedaling as fast as our knocking
knees will let us once death appears on the scene.  Everything we
know and have learned about crossing over into eternity as a child
of God just vanishes out of our heads and we allow ourselves to
be overwhelmed by feelings of fear and despair.  Why does this
Allow me to sum it up for you in one five-letter word:      DOUBT.
Know what Doubt stands for?
That’s it. Period.  It’s all he’s got left.  Think about it….is he real?
Absolutely.   Is he a pest?  Definitely!  But does he possess any
REAL power to harm the true believer?   NO.  Is there anyway he
can actually hurt a child of God?   SHOOT NO!!!    At one time, he
had all the power he needed…..but that ended 2000 years ago people!
The devil lost every shred of real strength he had left the day Jesus
walked out of that tomb.     All he has left is deceit and he’s gotten
really  good at using it since it’s all he has left to work with.
The only “uumph” that slimeball has is what WE give him!!   If we
keep our focus where it belongs, on Christ, he’s harmless!!   So why
do Christians start to cower in fear and despair as soon as death
becomes imminent instead of eventual?   Why do we start to question
everything Jesus has told us about eternal life?
Because that’s when satan starts swinging that doubt hammer around.
He’s been trying to pull us away from Christ all our lives so it’s not
suprising that once we’re at death’s door he sees his window of
opportunity shrinking rapidly!!  For him it’s now or never!
He’s got to throw everything in his arsenal at us, pull out all the stops
and do whatever he can think of to get us to turn our backs on God’s
promises.     But he’s not all that scary….he’s a used-up, has-been
who’s only hanging around still causing trouble because so many
Christians don’t realize that they have the power to kick him to the
curb permanently!!
Don’t let that ridiculous “doubt” hammer cause you one minute of
hesitation or fear!!    Just remember what fear stands for=
Remember Who’s child you are!!  Remember Who suffered and died
rather than live without you!    Remember what Jesus said on the
cross to the thief who was being crucified with Him:
                             “This day you will be with Me in Paradise!!”
 He didn’t say “Let me check with the Father and get back to you….
” or “Have your people call My people….”
He said WILL BE.      And look at Romans 10:13 —
“Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
Not maybe or if I’m not too busy or if I’m in a good mood.
He said WILL BE!!
So when you see death  approaching, either for yourself or someone
you love, keep God’s promises and the words of Jesus foremost in
your mind.
He suffered SO much to pay our debt and earn us a place in Heaven…
would He have done any of that if Heaven wasn’t real?     Don’t let
the devil convince you that after 2000 years of Truth, God suddenly
decided to switch gears and become a fiction-writer….you KNOW
the truth….Jesus has carved it on your heart!!
Our lives here on earth can best be characterized as a temporary
assignment; a learning period where we learn to serve our Savior,
affecting as many people as we can for Him.    Whether by
evangelism,example, prayer, service or all of the above….we were
put here to spread His Gospel to as many as we can, as fast as we
can.    And once the Father determines that our work has been
completed, we’re called Home to receive the reward He has for us;
to share in eternal life with Him and our savior Jesus!!!
So stop thinking of death as a brick wall or the end of everything or
whatever else you-know-who is trying to make you believe….   Hang
on to what you KNOW!!!   Thinking of death as the end is like
seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean —– it just ain’t so!!!
It’s the beginning of forever !!!  It’s a doorway to more than you can
EVER dream of  and Jesus is waiting on the other side to welcome
you home!!
Imagine a brand-new body, absolutely whole and perfect;   reunions
with loved ones who’ve gone before you;  seeing angels up close;
getting to meet and talk with folks like Moses, Paul, Esther and all
the other people you’ve only read about, perfect weather, praise &
worship music constantly in the air….I get SO excited thinking
about it sometimes that I can’t stand it!!!
That picture of Paradise is good enough for me and it’s been good
enough for most of us all our lives….please don’t let that sniveling
scumbag cause you to question one of the most important lessons
Christ ever taught us!      Don’t let his lies ruin what should be one
of the most triumphant and exciting periods of your life….
When your race is run and your assignment has been completed,
go forth eagerly with joy in your heart to meet the One who’s waited
SO long to welcome you home!!!    I’ve been told over and over
again that my disease is “terminal” ….should I have bothered to
explain AGAIN to the nice doctor that LIFE  itself is terminal?
Anyone who wants to view my departure from this life had
better not blink, because when that particular door opens for
THIS Christian?  I intend to hit it moving at warp speed!!
So should you!!