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The last blog focused on doubt, one of the devil’s few remaining
weapons against the children of God.    One of the results of
getting smacked  in the head with that doubt hammer is FEAR!!  
Up-close, personal, in-your-face fear.    That’s what happens
when you let the devil take aim at everything you know to be
true with that ridiculous hammer of his!
Doubt creates fear.  God promises us an abundant life, but if we
surrender instead to the chains of fear, it’s going to be awfully
hard to claim that promise!!  
Did you know that there are 365 “FEAR NOTs in the Bible?  
One for every day of the year!!  Think God’s trying to tell us 
Are  we sensing a trend here?  He clearly says in His word that
He has NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of joy and strength!!   
So if FEAR (read:  F.alse
                                 R.eal)  doesn’t come from God….where do we
get it?   I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count!!
When we give more credence to the devil’s lies than we do to
God’s truth, that’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster.
Whatever you’re afraid of — loss, rejection, poverty, death,
it doesn’t matter….we all face these things at certain points in
our lives.   What DOES matter is knowing and remembering 
that God will never reject you.   
He literally sent His  Son to go through hell on earth and die
so we’d all be guaranteed a way to be with Him forever.     
 If the God who created the universe would go to such lengths 
not to lose us, what is there for us to be afraid of  here on earth? 
Jesus promised He would never leave us or forsake us.”   He
also promised that “no one would snatch us out of His Hand”
and that “nothing would be allowed to separate us from His
Now,to me, none of that sounds iffy or anything less than rock
solid.    Of course, there are things and situations we encounter
here that will cause us to wonder, be confused or hesitant in the
face of the unknown.    How will a certain situation end?   What
is death like?  Why was a certain thing allowed to happen?  We
don’t and probably won’t ever understand the reasons or
answers for such things on this side of Heaven…..but all we need 
 to know is that our God is all-good, all-knowing and totally in it
for the long haul!!He loves us with a love deeper than any we’ve
ever known  and only wants the best for us.
Re-read Psalm 27, verse 1.   David had it down to a tee:
                         The Lord is my Light and my Salvation
                                     Whom should I fear?
                         The Lord is the Stronghold of my life
                                 Of whom should I be afraid?
OF WHOM indeed?
When fear starts screaming and discouragement sets in, we
need  to recognize what’s happening, turn a deaf ear to the lies
the devil is spouting  and tune into God’s truth!!    So the next
time you sense the devil sneaking up behind you with that
rusty fear megaphone?   You just turn right around and hit him
up side the head with Psalm 27:1 as hard as you can……He’ll be
so shockedhe’ll trip over himself trying to get away.    Trust me,
the Name of Jesus and the Word of God are all you’ll ever need
to make short work of that pest!
So do your best to live your life as joyously as you can, without
letting fear of anything or anyone cramp your style!   Determine to
be a thorn in the devil’s side!   Print out the following saying and do
what I did…post it in a place where you’ll see it first thing every
                      Lord, help me live my life in such a way
                       that when my feet hit the floor in the
                       morning, the devil shudders and says,
                                “oh CRAP….she’s awake!!”
I have it posted on my nightstand, the bathroom mirror, etc.
You are on the winning team and fear should have no place in
 in your life…..remember Who you belong to and Who you’re
 working for!!!