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Evcr since I began actively talking to folks about Jesus, I’ve
noticed something disturbing.   Most people don’t give Him
priority in their lives.    They call themselves Christians, they
attend church, say grace before meals but unless they’re in
some sort of trouble, that’s about it.    In their busy day-to-day
routines, they simply do not allot any time for the One who
suffered so much before ultimately giving His life rather than
live without them!!    What’s wrong with this picture?
       Sadly, most of these folks were raised ‘in the church’.  They
know the ABCs of salvation, the details of the crucifixtion;  they know
what Jesus went through to ransom them from the punishment of
their sins….but they can’t seem to take that sacrifice seriously.   They
seem unwilling to carve out 30 minutes a day, between episodes of
reality TV and Facebook sessions to read the Bible or just spend
some quiet time with Jesus.
        For too many of today’s Christians, Jesus Christ has taken on a
folk-lore aura and been relegated to ‘back-burner’ status.   If you’re
one of these Christians please, please stop and think for a moment
how heart-breaking it must be for Jesus when the very people He
died to save treat Him as if He’s not even worthy of a place in their
daily lives?
           I’ve had some of these people tell me, by way of explanation, that
if they could have faith like mine, it would be easy to devote time to
Jesus.    Then I have to explain that faith isn’t something you pick up on
sale at the local Wal-Mart.    It’s not even something you’re born with.
Faith is a gift from Almighty God.    Much the same way that salvation is
not something you can earn, trade for, or purchase…’s already a fact.
Jesus died to guarantee your entry into Heaven.    All you have to do is
believe Him and accept your ticket!    
          If your faith doesn’t seem as strong as mine?    If you don’t see
evidence of God at work in your life?   Stop and consider… invested
are you in pleasing Him?    Jesus wants total commitment from you!
He’s not interested in part-ownership or weekend visitation !!!   He wants
your heart —–ALL of it!   He wants a real, personal, vibrant  relationship
with you…..He wants to be the first One you turn to for help…..not a last-
minute desperate plea for help when all other options have failed!!
     So if you’re serious about wanting a true relationship with Jesus, it’s time to get
real.   Let Him know that you want Him to take charge of your life….ask Him to teach
you, show you, guide you and protect you starting NOW.   He’s been waiting so long
for the invitation that if you’re sincere?   He’ll show up so fast it’ll amaze you!
And don’t worry about the details….where and how to pray, where to start the bible-
reading thing etc….He’ll show you what to do and also?   Don’t sweat the parts of
your life that don’t seem God-worthy yet….if there are habits and haunts in your
world that don’t fit in with His plan for your life, He will change them!   Often
without any conscious effort on your part!     
Day by day you will feel Him more and more.   You’ll think about Him more
“What Would Jesus Do?” will become an automatic response to any question,
decision or dilemma….not just a slogan on a bracelet or bumper sticker!!
But remember to eat your Wheaties!     Jesus’ last message to us before He was
taken up to Heaven all those years ago was not:   “Ok…now you know ME, you
believe in Me….just sit back and chill until I come back to get you.”    What He
said was, “Go forth and teach all nations. ” In other words?  Get out there and
spreadMy love and My message as fast as you can as far as you can in the time
you haveleft!   Christianity was never meant to be a parking lot —– it’s more
like a
launching pad.   So get to know your Savior, get closer to Him than you’ve ever
been.   Then go let the light of Jesus shine into as many dark corners of this
dying world as fast and as far as you can!!