I think prayer is probably the most under-used, and misunderstood tool

in Christianity today!   Just the word itself is intimidating to some people

because of some common misconceptions out there about what prayer

actually is and how to use it.   Most of us were taught as children to

“pray” by reciting formal prayers like the Hail Mary, the Act of Contrition

or the Our Father.     And those are all fine, beautiful prayers that have

been handed down for generations through the years.    But prayer is

also simply talking to God; opening your heart and unburdening yourself

to the Father Who loves you more than you could ever imagine!

Nothing is too trivial for you to talk to Him about — if it matters to you?

It matters to Him.

His love for you is unconditional; nothing you could ever say or do will

change it and nothing you say will ever shock or surprise Him….He’s

God after all!    He’s been waiting years for you to come to Him.

Prayer is, or should be, a simple heart-to-heart with Almighty God.

I believe He wants, more than anything, to be the first one you  turn

to for help, rather than some last-ditch attempt that you try after every-

thing else has failed.   He wants to be the One you run to to  share your

hopes, fears, dreams, questions and worries.   Come and talk to Him

on a daily basis, making time spent with Him the most important part

of your day….not an afterthought you squeeze in between the latest

reality TV show and a session on Facebook!

And please don’t sweat the details; do you sit or kneel?   Speak

aloud or to yourelf?     This is a conversation, not a performance —

you’re not being graded after all.   I’ve actually had some people

tell me that  they’re not ‘good enough’ to pray!!  SAY WHAT??

Can you just imagine what goes through God’s mind when He

hears THAT excuse?  Newsflash gang….Not a single one of us is

“good enough” to pray…..that’s WHY we have to!!   Please don’t

let that or anything else stop you!    The Lord has been waiting,

probably for your whole life, for you to start this conversation!

He won’t hesitate to hold up His part, I promise!!

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