Two main factors that I’m pretty sure confront every

 Christian at some point in their lives are Faith and Fear. 

Or perhaps I should say Faith versus Fear.  

       God has granted each of us a certain measure of

faith,  we know this because the Bible tells us so.   

And fear?  Fear is an undeniable fact of life for all of us!

Fear of different things, of varying degrees and at certain

times in our lives.   There’s no escaping it   It’s unavoidable

and attacks everyone, believer and non-believer alike.   It

can take many forms; stress, doubt, tension, uncertainty,

et,.  but it’s an issue we’ll all have to address at some point.

    Even Jesus acknowledged it when He told us that we

would face trouble and suffering here on earth.    He also

said that we should not give in to fear because with His

amazing sacrifice at Calvary on the cross, He had already

overcome the world and all the problems in it!

      The Bible says it and faith is what allows us to believe

it’s true.   Being afraid is nothing to be ashamed of.   It’s

part of being human and Jesus knows this.  That’s proba-

bly why there are over 365 “fear nots” in the Bible!

        But we can experience fear and acknowledge it with-

out letting it beat us over the head!   We are overcomers in

Christ.   Period.   The best way to overcome fear is to not

let it get the upper hand.   Start out by considering the

source.   Know what fear stands for?

                 F.alse  E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal

In other words?  A lie.   And we all know who’s the king

and father of all lies.   The devil.    And the only power

that old pest has is what we choose to give him.   So even

when you don’t understand the reason for  problem, ill-

ness or trial – all you have to do is trust God.   Just be-

cause He hasn’t explained why something is happening

doesn’t mean He doesn’t know!   But when you’re left

temporarily without answers that’s when the devil turns

up the volume in a fierce attempt to convince you that

you’re all alone, that God doesn’t care or that God can’t

bail you out of this one.    Please don’t buy into that hype!

Just grab Romans 8:28 and beat the devil over the head

with that particular scripture!! 

       The devil’s lies are just empty words and rhetoric

unless you give them power.  Trust Jesus and you’ll be

able to laugh off whatever the devil tries to throw at you!

             I’ve had lots of practice with this maneuver since

the whole cancer thing reared it’s ugly head 2 years ago.

I’m facing this diagnosis of terminal cancer that is sup-

posedly going to kill me.   Now dying isn’t what frightens

me — I know what’s out there beyond my final breath!

Heaven here I come!   What’s terrifying to me is the inte-

rim — the whole sickness, needles, doctors, needles, pain,

medicine, did I say needles?   I’m not a big fan of people

sticking me with tiny sharp things so the prospect of lots

of that in my upcoming timeline didn’t exactly tickle my

funny bone.
But day by day, shot by shot, chemo by chemo, test

after test, Jesus held me hand and walked me through

it all moment by moment.    Looking back now over the

past 2 years it’s easy to see how Jesus managed to get me

through it AND used what was happening to me to

strengthen the faith of so many people that I came in con-

tact with at the same time!

      So now, when some new symptom or test or procedure

pops up, I don’t panic because I know Jesus is going to

handle it and me just like He has all those times before.   I

don’t have the words all the time or the details or the

answers and I don’t need them.   All I need to know is that

Jesus loves me and will always do what’s best for me.

‘Nuff said.

The same is true for you whatever you’re afraid of.   If

you’re a Christian then Jesus is standing in the gap between

you and whatever it is that you’re afraid of!   Don’t let the

devil succeed at convincing you otherwise becaue when it

comes to reinforcements?   You have MAJOR back-up!

Always remember too, especially if you’re wading through

a public test or trial that others can see, (try keeping cancer

a secret!) then the world is watching to see if your faith is

something you only preach about or something you LIVE!

The way you handle difficulties says volumes to others

about how powerful it is to trust in Jesus and have Him in

charge of your life!   They will be able to see what you have,

(FAITH), witness how you use it, (TRUST), and see the re-

sults, (PEACE).   And sooner or later, they’re going to want

that for themselves!

Nothing makes Jesus happier than being audaciously trusted

by His children and He will move heaven and earth to reward

that kind of trust with His presence, His peace and His power!

Believe me,  been there –seen that!!

   It doesn’t matter what the trial, whether its finance, disease,

stress or relational, whatever, our challenges may be different

but our Savior is the same.   Jesus has overcome the world and

anything it can dream up to toss our way….There simply isn’t

anything He cannot handle.  

Talk with Him daily and ask Him to walk with you through

whatever’s ahead.   Whatever’s coming it will be SO much

easier when Jesus is holding your hand.   So when it comes to

fear?  Faith is stronger every time!

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