Whenever people ask me why I’m not afraid to
die my answer is always the same.    “Because I trust God completely.”
       My faith is in the same almighty God who created the
entire universe, the same God who loved us so much that Hesacrificed His only Son to die a horrible death in order to pay the price for our sins and create a bridge between Himself and those of us who believe in Him.
       In His word, the Holy Bible, God promises us over & over again that He has only our best interests at heart and that He loves us unconditionally, beyond measure, and He has prepared  a wonderful place called Heaven where we will spend all eternity with He and His Son Jesus.
       Once you believe this truth deep in your heart you’ll have notrouble trusting that whatever happens in your life, whatever problems arise, whatever situation you find yourself in —-God is there, too.    He’s there with you every minute with a plan and a reason for everything.  
       In my case, God has been there for me so many times, answered so many prayers and bailed me out of so many
catastrophes that I have n choice left BUT to believe.   There’s just no other way to explain all the rescues, miracles and turn-arounds that dot the landscape of my life over the last 50 or so years!
       When something happens that’s just so phenomenal that you can’t explain it any other way I call that a ‘Godwink”;  kinda like the Father looking down on you from Heaven with a wink, saying, “I got this — no worries!!”  And I believe Him!!
     That’s why I have no problem answering the question about why death doesn’t frighten me.   For a real Christian?  Death is not the end of anything….it’s only the beginning of an eternity that’s going to be more wonderful than anything I could imagine!
So either I stick around and have extra time to introduce more people to Jesus OR I get to retire and head for heaven and paradise right now!   Either way?  It’s a win-win situation!   
That’s basically it —- if I woke up this morning, then God isn’t through with me yet.    I still have work to do…just what or where or with whom I don’t know yet….but I leave that up to Jesus;   He knows and that’s the most important thing!    It matters to me that He knows how much I love Him and that I’m available for whatever He wants me to do today!    Today being the important word!!   The Lord’s prayer says, “Give us this day our DAILY bread….doesn’t mention weekly or monthly installments!  NOW is what counts!  
       Jesus literally went through hell on earth to pay for our
sins and guarantee us eternal life.    And all He asks for in
return is that we spread His Gospel and share His Name!
In other words?    Know Him and make Him known!!
Isn’t that the very LEAST we can do?

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