I think lots of Christians are confused by the whole concept
of prayer,.   For many, it’s simply talking to or at God.   A
worthwhile pasttime no doubt, but one that overlooks the
basic reason for prayer.   For others, prayer is the spiritual
equivalent of rubbing a genie’s lamp or writing a letter to
Santa.     But relegating prayer to the status of “wishlist”
is not only wasting time, (yours AND God’s) but missing
out on the most amazing benefit of one of God’s greatest
gifts to mankind!
       Stop for a moment and consider this:   Almighty God,
the Creator of this entire universe and everything in it, has
bestowed upon you both the right and the ability to approach
Him at any time, for any reason.   He wants to communicate
with you on an intimate, personal level.
       He wants you to come to Him with all your feelings,
problems, questions, doubts, joys, fears, and yes, your
requests.   God the Father takes great delight when His
children demonstrate the kind of love and trust that sends
them rumming to Him for help when they’re overwhelmed,
hurting or confused.  He wants to be the FIRST One you run
to for help —- not a last-ditch after-thought you pull out
when everything and everyone else has failed.
       God promises over and over again, in His Holy Bible
that His love for us is unconditional…..He loves us with a
love that cannot be changed or stopped by any force on
earth.        Once you believe that down deep in your heart,
you’ll realize that you have the best support system in the
world backing you up; 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
He’s never out-of-the-office, or on another line and not once
in over 50 years have I ever gotten a busy signal or been
re-routed to His voicemail!
            One thing it did take me years to figure out is that
prayer is a two-way street…..or at least it should be.   It’s
easy to develop the habit of talking “to” God, but it’s a bit
more difficult learning to “listen” to God.    Psalm 46:10
tells us to “be still and know that I am God”.    Much easier
said than done for most of us, I know.
      Start out by just sitting somewhere, alone, in comfortable
silence, with a cup of coffee or tea, and some paper (in case
He says something to inspire you.,…) and spend 20 or 30
minutes or so just thinking about Jesus.    Who He is, what
He’s done for you, how He’s blessed you, how much He loves
you, etc.
       When you make spending time with Jesus like this a daily
priority Jesus will definitely take advantage of the opportunity!
Who knows how long He’s been waiting for you to visit?  
       WHAT you do during your ‘Jesus’ time isn’t as important
as making sure that you schedule it EVERY day!   Read your
bible, sing worship songs, just meditate, ask for help, say
thank-you for blessings already bestowed…..just devote this
time to Him and watch what happens in your life!
       We find time for all sorts of things in our lives…..trips to
the gym, logging onto Facebook, watching our favorite TV
shows, etc.      Certainly we should be able to carve out 30
minutes or an hour for the Savior who suffered so much and
died to guarantee you eternal life in Heaven!       Once you
start and time with Jesus becomes a habit I promise your life
will never be the same again!
       Jesus will change you from the inside out in ways you’ll
never expected and you’ll start to see things in and about other
people that you never noticed before!    Opportunities to help
and encourage others will appear, chances will open up for you
to talk about Jesus with others…..and people will start to notice
something different about you that leaves them both curious
and fascinated with whatever “IT” is.   They sense the difference
and want it for themselves!   That’s your invitation to tell them
about Jesus and, if necessary, make the introductions!
Tell them what He’s done in your life and how He wants to do
the same for them!    
       Sharing this information with people that Jesus puts in your
path is literally the most important thing you can do in your life
on this side of heaven!    Not only will Jesus be thrilled, but He’ll
be there to help you every step of the way, giving you the grace
and the strength you need to handle whatever comes your way.
I’m living proof!
       And prayer is the key to it all!   Time spent with Christ.
Gradually, living with and working for Jesus will become a way
of life and you’ll wonder how on earth you ever lived any other
way!   I sure did!

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