Someone asked me the other day how I handle stress.   It made

me stop and think because I’m hardly ever under any stress.  I

think it’s because most stress is caused by worry and I know for

sure that I never worry, so for me stress is more of a non-issue!

       And, naturally, that makes folks want to know how on earth

I can go through life without worrying!   It’s simple …. I just pray


       An old preacher friend of mine told me a long time ago that

anyone who claims to know and trust Jesus should be ashamed

to worry about anything!   When you think about it, that’s very

true!    Break it down….

       What are we taught to believe as Christians?

          a) Jesus loves us unconditionally

          b) He promises to be with us always — every minute of

               every day even to the end of the age!

          c) God has a plan & a purpose for everything that happens

               in our lives and He will make sure that good comes from

               even the bad things.

    &   d) Jesus always protects those who trust Him and He will

               never let the righteous fall.

       Now before you see that word “righteous” and hit the panic

button, remember THIS:   Righteous does not mean perfect!

Righteous means that you are doing the best you can, every day,

to keep your focus on Christ,  to learn and obey the command-

ments He gave us and you try to share His name & His Gospel

with as many people as we can.

       Nowhere in the bible or anywhere else does it say that we

have to be perfect in order to claim His promises!    If that were

the case, Heaven would be so empty it would echo!   Because

no one is perfect.    We were all born sinners and even though

we’ve committed our lives and our hearts to Jesus, we’ll continue

to sin as long as we’re in these earthly bodies!     Jesus knew this;

that’s why He came to earth, suffered so much agony on the cross

and ultimately gave His life — to pay the price for every sin we

had and would commit.    He knew we’d need blanket protection

….that’s why perfection is not a requirement for salvation.    All

you need is what He’s already given you…!

       That’s why I don’t have any stress in my life.    Even when

bad things happen I know God is right here with me.   And I know

that there is no panic in Heaven — God has no problems; only


       I don’t need to know every detail of every solution He’s got

up His sleeve either (which is good because He’s never developed

the habit of letting me know what He’s going to do ahead of time!)

and I know from experience that when the crisis has ended and I

look back I will be amazed and able to see clearly what He did 

and why!

       When that happens over and over again in your life, it gets

easier and easier to “let go and let God!”    When His children

display that kind of trust and dependence in Him, I believe God

is truly delighted!    He loves it when our faith in Him runs so

deep that we’re willing and able to turn control of our lives over

to Him.      It does take practice though!   It won’t happen over-

night….just keep reminding yourself that it’s difficult for God to

direct your life if you’re constantly fighting Him for the wheel!

       Giving up control doesn’t  come easily for most of us.   We’re

so used to being in control that handing over the reins to anyone

else can be downright scary!     But God isn’t just anybody! 
He’s GOD!   The safest place in the world for you to be is under

His care!     So no matter what’s going on in your world, just re-

member God is in control;  of everything and everyone, all the

time!    Once you get that truth engraved on your heart,  you

won’t have to deal with stress either.

       Now,  does that mean that from now on you’ll skip through

life under blue skies and rainbows picking daisies as you go?

Afraid not…..troubles, pain and problems are part of everyone’s

life….what it does mean is that you’ll never face any of it alone!

You’re going through life sheltered by the hand of the living God

and there is simply no safer place you could possibly be!

        So when others are stressed?  You can be at peace.   When

others are terrified?   You can be grateful.   When others are

worrying?  You can be praying!    And always keep in mind that

the word stressed is just desserts spelled backwards!!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Barbara Leazer on February 24, 2015 at 12:16 am

    I know you must get 100’s (maybe even 1000’s) of responses to your posts but it seems the last few posts have been directed straight to me … So thank you Dusty – I just HAD to write this to you … you just HAVE to know how much you’re appreciated …



    • Many thanks Barb….I’m glad you enjoy the blogs….this is one of those that rolled right out with not even a single re-write! When that happens, I assume the Holy Spirit had a hand in it!! LOL! Thanks for takking the time to read and comment!


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