Over the years I’ve come to realize that some of the bad
things that have happened in my life, for apparently no
reason, did indeed serve a purpose; even though I couldn’t
see it at the time.
      The biggest one lately, of course, was the diagnosis
of end-stage uterine cancer I received back in October of
2012.    I was living here in Charlotte, married to the man
of my dreams, a mother and grandmother and great-grand-
mother who stayed busy being a disciple of Jesus, main-
taining my Front Porch website, crocheting for my Hats
for the Homeless project, painting Witness Wear T-shirts,
going weekly into the city jails bringing my stories and the
Gospel to the inmates, doing my little Thought for the Day
emails….you name it?   I had a hand in it somewhere!!
       Then, out of nowhere, I have this doctor informing me
that this type of cancer is always terminal and that I’m going
to die.    I looked him right in the eye and said the first thing
that popped into my head, “So are you, Doc!   We’re ALL
gonna die.   I’ll die when God says it’s time and not one
minute sooner or later.”    My second thought was WOO-
       My husband and I are devout Christians so neither one of
us came completely unglued, but I did have a few questions
for the Lord later on that night…..”OK Lord….now what? 
What’s the plan?”    In order to make a long story short,
which I’m usually NOT good at, suffice it to say that God had a
mission for me.    
We’re living in the End Times, which means we’re
running out of time to complete the Great Commission that
Christ gave the disciples before He went back up to heaven all
those years ago.    All He wanted was for His followers, His
children, (that’s you and me, folks…) to tell the world about Him
and make sure everyone had the chance to be baptized, receive
salvation and partake of eternal life with He and His Father in
Heaven.    So, as Christians, we should be working as hard as we
can to win souls for Jesus.
       Unfortunately, the world in general doesn’t read the Bible…..
it does, however, read Christians.   And if what we SAY is totally
different from what we DO, well, that’s not exactly kingdom
building material, is it?     We run around telling anyone who’ll
listen about how wonderful our God is and how magnificent a
place Heaven is…..but then, when one of us is actually preparing
to GO there?   We fuss and carry on as if it’s the worst tragedy to
strike in years!!!    When we do that the rest of the world can
conclude only one of two things….,,either we’re all hypocrites or
idiots…..neither one of which is going to persuade Unbelievers to
pop on over to our side of the fence!    
       What God wants me to do is show the world what it should look  
like when a strong Christian experiences this whole death and dying
       I’d never given much thought before about the fact that I have
a good-size following on the Internet in general, due to my website,
daily thought, speaking engagements, etc.     Now however, it made
perfect sense.     God’s the one who helped me build the Front Porch
and get into all the other stuff that resulted in people all over the
world knowing who I was….and now I get it!!    He saw this cancer
thing coming down the pipeline and He must have figured out that
with my in-your-face, tell everybody everything personality, that He
could use me, since folks would be watching anyway, to get the message
across about how we Christians should feel about finally going home!
        So for the past two years….my life’s been a whirlwind of medical
adventures (surgery, chemotherapy, having a port installed in my chest,
stents inserted into my ureters, (don’t ask!), and now catheters, etc plus
meeting dozens of people in hospital waiting rooms, nurses, patients,
relatives of patients, etc…who all, for whatever reason, needed to hear
what I had to say.!
       The conversations come about because when folks learn that I’m
dying…they can’t figure out how I’m able to maintain such a
downright sunny disposition about the whole thing!    They want  to
know the ‘secret’ !!      Which of course is a secret I’m more than willing
to share with anyone who’ll listen!!
      So here I sit, cuddled up on my couch….connected to the world via
my little laptop, praying hard and scribbling as fast as I can in an attempt
to reach as many as I can with the wonderful message of the salvation
that Jesus made available to all of us with His amazing sacrifice!!
       Every day that I wake up  breathing, I just assume that God isn’t
done with me yet and I get busy….working the porch, answering emails,
writing blogs (yes, like this one!), sending out articles, etc…..whatever
I can do until He calls me home!    Someone said the other day that
since I work so hard it’s a shame I don’t draw a paycheck…..I just told
her, that it’s true….working for Jesus here on earth may not pay much
but His retirement package is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!  LOL!!
       So the next time you find yourself baffled as to why God has
allowed a calamity or misfortune to find it’s way into your life, 
remember this:    Just because God hasn’t shared His purpose with
you does not mean He doesn’t have one!!
       His job is to plan and direct your life…….your job is simply to
cooperate and trust Him no matter what!  
Be Blessed !!

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