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 When I was first diagnosed with STAGE IV  uterine cancer back in
the fall of 2012, my family’s reaction was overwhelmingly disbelief!
My sister especially pitched the proverbial hissy fit!  “Why you?”
she wailed.  “NO ONE works harder or louder to make the case for
Jesus than you do!!!   WHY on earth would He let this happen to
YOU of all people!!”
And now, 2 years later, she’s still asking the same question, despite
my attempts to explain that Almighty God has never developed the
habit of checking with me before making decisions on my behalf!
Go figure!
Besides, despite that obvious oversight, if you turn the situation
around and/or shuffle things up a bit, you could just as easily ask
“Why NOT me?”
I’ve certainly been an outspoken disciple of Jesus for a long time,
most especially the last 5 or 6 years.    With His help, I’ve created
an evangelical website that holds dozens of my stories and rhymes,
as it strives to introduce people to the Savior Who loves them so
much that He was willing to die for them and  also, to inspire those
who already know Him to move even closer.   Through my website,
Dustys Front Porch, my little thought for the day emails that go out
to thousands of subscribers all over the world, my blogs here on
WordPress, various speaking engagements, Facebook posts and a
natural talent for story-telling courtesy of my Irish heritage….Jesus
has given me a high rate of visibility on the Internet and the notoriety
that goes along with it.    Granted, not everyone agrees with or
believes the views I hold, but even folks who DON’T agree can’t say
there’s any doubt about my passion for Jesus and His Gospel.
Before that diagnosis was 24 hours old, I understood that God has a
mission for me and my remaining time here on earth.    I’d never
figured out WHY God saw fit to make me as well-known as He did,
but that night, it became as clear as a bell!
I believe the Lord is using me as only one of many, to show the world
what it looks like when a Christian with strong faith faces the whole
death and dying issue.   After all, let’s face it, the world in general is

never going to read the Bible.   It does, read Christians!

To see if how we act and behave lines up with what we

preach!       When we run around telling anyone who will hold still long
enough to listen what a FANTASTIC place Heaven is going to be, but
then react with grief, terror and hysteria everytime one of us actually has

to go there, well…We’re perceived as either hypocrites or idiots and neither

one is  Kingdom-building material!

Since 2012, I’ve been brought into contact again and again, over and over
with opportunities to explain the reasons for my “I’m not afraid to die”
attitude, both to individuals and the public in general.   I’ve talked to
doctors (my own is still a work-in-progress), other patients, nurses,
technicians,  relatives in waiting rooms, church-goers and unbelievers
alike.    I know that these “meetings” are what I’ve come to call “God-
winks”.   Appointments made for me by God, for reasons usually
known only to Him.    Some of these people take my attitude and ex-
perience directly to heart and it changes how they think about God,
Heaven, etc.     Others, politely nod their heads and walk away, totally
convinced that I’ve escaped from a rubber room somewhere or simply
managed to go “off my meds” completely.
At first I considered the latter just failures to make my point.   Until
the Lord let me know that I was doing His work, not mine.   I was
planting seeds, but it was God’s work to tend the garden.   Once I
understood that, I stopped worrying about who I convinced and who
I didn’t.
My focus now is on making sure that my actions, life & attitude
reflect what I know to be true — that the best is yet to come!   For
those of us who have placed our trust in Christ, even dying is a win-
win situation filled with joy and unbelievable anticipation!
And to those who ask “How can I believe?” all I can say is that I’ve
witnessed far too many ‘Godwinks’ to NOT believe!   There’s simply
no other explanation for what has happened and continues to happen
in my life!
I walk through every day holding the nail-scarred hand of the One who
gladly suffered unimaginable pain rather than live without me.   He’s
with me through every Drs. apt, side effect, chemo treatment, surgery,
family issue, etc.   He’s never left my side for a moment and I know
He never will.   That’s how much He loves me AND you.    It’s been
said that God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.  That
is SO true…..He paid our admission into Paradise with His own blood
and all we have to do is accept this wonderful gift!

So remember…..death is NOT a wall…’s a doorway to an eternity

filled with more joy than you can imagine!   And in the meantime?

Just make yourself available, then stand back and watch what God

will do with you AND your life!     Using you, He will change hearts,

create miracles and move mountains!    All you have to do is TRUST

HIM because like I told my sister;   I don’t have all the answers and I

don’t know the why, but I’m seeing the HOW every day.   All I need

to know is that God is in charge, He has a plan and the fact that I’m

being allowed to play a small part in that plan, well…for this Christian

disciple of Jesus that’s about as good as it can get!


I think prayer is probably the most under-used, and misunderstood tool

in Christianity today!   Just the word itself is intimidating to some people

because of some common misconceptions out there about what prayer

actually is and how to use it.   Most of us were taught as children to

“pray” by reciting formal prayers like the Hail Mary, the Act of Contrition

or the Our Father.     And those are all fine, beautiful prayers that have

been handed down for generations through the years.    But prayer is

also simply talking to God; opening your heart and unburdening yourself

to the Father Who loves you more than you could ever imagine!

Nothing is too trivial for you to talk to Him about — if it matters to you?

It matters to Him.

His love for you is unconditional; nothing you could ever say or do will

change it and nothing you say will ever shock or surprise Him….He’s

God after all!    He’s been waiting years for you to come to Him.

Prayer is, or should be, a simple heart-to-heart with Almighty God.

I believe He wants, more than anything, to be the first one you  turn

to for help, rather than some last-ditch attempt that you try after every-

thing else has failed.   He wants to be the One you run to to  share your

hopes, fears, dreams, questions and worries.   Come and talk to Him

on a daily basis, making time spent with Him the most important part

of your day….not an afterthought you squeeze in between the latest

reality TV show and a session on Facebook!

And please don’t sweat the details; do you sit or kneel?   Speak

aloud or to yourelf?     This is a conversation, not a performance —

you’re not being graded after all.   I’ve actually had some people

tell me that  they’re not ‘good enough’ to pray!!  SAY WHAT??

Can you just imagine what goes through God’s mind when He

hears THAT excuse?  Newsflash gang….Not a single one of us is

“good enough” to pray…..that’s WHY we have to!!   Please don’t

let that or anything else stop you!    The Lord has been waiting,

probably for your whole life, for you to start this conversation!

He won’t hesitate to hold up His part, I promise!!


Evcr since I began actively talking to folks about Jesus, I’ve
noticed something disturbing.   Most people don’t give Him
priority in their lives.    They call themselves Christians, they
attend church, say grace before meals but unless they’re in
some sort of trouble, that’s about it.    In their busy day-to-day
routines, they simply do not allot any time for the One who
suffered so much before ultimately giving His life rather than
live without them!!    What’s wrong with this picture?
       Sadly, most of these folks were raised ‘in the church’.  They
know the ABCs of salvation, the details of the crucifixtion;  they know
what Jesus went through to ransom them from the punishment of
their sins….but they can’t seem to take that sacrifice seriously.   They
seem unwilling to carve out 30 minutes a day, between episodes of
reality TV and Facebook sessions to read the Bible or just spend
some quiet time with Jesus.
        For too many of today’s Christians, Jesus Christ has taken on a
folk-lore aura and been relegated to ‘back-burner’ status.   If you’re
one of these Christians please, please stop and think for a moment
how heart-breaking it must be for Jesus when the very people He
died to save treat Him as if He’s not even worthy of a place in their
daily lives?
           I’ve had some of these people tell me, by way of explanation, that
if they could have faith like mine, it would be easy to devote time to
Jesus.    Then I have to explain that faith isn’t something you pick up on
sale at the local Wal-Mart.    It’s not even something you’re born with.
Faith is a gift from Almighty God.    Much the same way that salvation is
not something you can earn, trade for, or purchase…’s already a fact.
Jesus died to guarantee your entry into Heaven.    All you have to do is
believe Him and accept your ticket!    
          If your faith doesn’t seem as strong as mine?    If you don’t see
evidence of God at work in your life?   Stop and consider… invested
are you in pleasing Him?    Jesus wants total commitment from you!
He’s not interested in part-ownership or weekend visitation !!!   He wants
your heart —–ALL of it!   He wants a real, personal, vibrant  relationship
with you…..He wants to be the first One you turn to for help…..not a last-
minute desperate plea for help when all other options have failed!!
     So if you’re serious about wanting a true relationship with Jesus, it’s time to get
real.   Let Him know that you want Him to take charge of your life….ask Him to teach
you, show you, guide you and protect you starting NOW.   He’s been waiting so long
for the invitation that if you’re sincere?   He’ll show up so fast it’ll amaze you!
And don’t worry about the details….where and how to pray, where to start the bible-
reading thing etc….He’ll show you what to do and also?   Don’t sweat the parts of
your life that don’t seem God-worthy yet….if there are habits and haunts in your
world that don’t fit in with His plan for your life, He will change them!   Often
without any conscious effort on your part!     
Day by day you will feel Him more and more.   You’ll think about Him more
“What Would Jesus Do?” will become an automatic response to any question,
decision or dilemma….not just a slogan on a bracelet or bumper sticker!!
But remember to eat your Wheaties!     Jesus’ last message to us before He was
taken up to Heaven all those years ago was not:   “Ok…now you know ME, you
believe in Me….just sit back and chill until I come back to get you.”    What He
said was, “Go forth and teach all nations. ” In other words?  Get out there and
spreadMy love and My message as fast as you can as far as you can in the time
you haveleft!   Christianity was never meant to be a parking lot —– it’s more
like a
launching pad.   So get to know your Savior, get closer to Him than you’ve ever
been.   Then go let the light of Jesus shine into as many dark corners of this
dying world as fast and as far as you can!!

Exactly Who IS the devil?

I never would have thought that I’d be devoting an entire blog
to this pest…..granted, I pick on him and call him a lot of names
in my writings and talks here and there, but an entire blog?
Why is he even worth it?
To me? He’s most certainly not. But I have to remember that
it’s not about me anymore. The Lord wants me to show His
people how to face the whole death and dying thing and still
LIVE for Him at the same time. I’m figuring it out as I go,
and I’m certainly reaching lots of people via my talks and my
Front Porch and these blogs; but the one thing that keeps
cropping up over and over again is satan. It amazes me how
many people, even ones who call themselves Christians, spend
hours agonizing over and worrying about when and where the
devil is going to launch his next attack! They worry constantly
about how to “protect” themselves against him. Many of
them blame everything on him…. a job loss, money woes,
rowdy children, run-of-the-mill neighborhood disputes; you
name it!
Now, let me make it clear….I’m not doubting the existence of the
devil. He’s real. VERY real. I just think most folks have
totally over-estimated his power in their lives. Especially the
Christians. We read in God’s Word that the devil is like a
roaring lion prowling around looking for victims to chew up
and swallow. No doubt he’s slinking and prowling around.
No doubt at all that he roars and makes a lot of noise….but
99% of that is just hot air! Because if he can scare you enough
to make you panic? He might get you to trip and fall down and
then he’d maybe have a chance to gum you to death….but
that’s it….he lost every shred of power he had (including his
teeth) the day Jesus walked out of that tomb 2000 years ago.
Christ defeated death, guaranteed us eternal life, and pulled the
plug on satan’s abilities all with that one short stroll on Easter
morning. As Christians, we BELIEVE that Jesus came
back from the dead……we BELIEVE that He punched our
ticket to Heaven for all eternity…….so why oh why do we find
it so hard to believe that He’s defeated the one pathetic slime-
ball who’s been bugging God’s people since he got Adam and
Eve kicked out of Eden?
Yes….back then? He was a force to be reckoned with… most
of the Old Testament he was a dangerous, fierce enemy who
tried everything possible to destroy anyone who loved and
served God. But that was THEN people…..this is NOW!
Ever since that Easter morning….all he’s had left to work with
is lies, deceipt and our own fear! The only real power he has
left comes from US!! How sad is that???
We are the children of the living God!! Jesus is now seated at
the right hand of God….interceding for us, protecting us,
teaching us and willing to give us all we need to vanquish that
sniveling pest once and for all!!

The excerpt below is one that I found in my web-surfing one day
and it’s the best analogy I’ve ever read:

SYSTEM SECURITY CHECK My defense wasn’t on, my guard
was dropped ….. and when the thief came into my home to attack
me, I was unprepared to do battle. He tempted me and I felt
It happened shortly after I awoke this morning. I got up and
began rushing about. I had a thousand things on my list and
was already running behind. Quickly, I gulped down breakfast,
took a shower and got ready for work. In my rush, I forgot to
turn the security system on at my house.
It was just about a half an hour later that the thief broke in. Of
course, he didn’t make a sound. Just kind of snuck inside, not
drawing any attention to himself. In fact, none of the neighbors
ever saw him.But, I did. You see, I was home when the thief
broke in. He naturally startled me, as I was unprepared for his
He, of course, didn’t announce that he was coming and I certainly
had not invited him over. And yet, I found myself face to face with
danger and I felt so powerless. I also felt so very stupid, because
this whole incident could have been avoided if I had just taken the
time to turn the security system on.

You better believe I’ll be turning it on tomorrow morning! I
thought I’d warn you about this guy, because he’s still on the
Chances are, he’s in your area. Possibly even headed for your
house. His name? His name is satan. You see, this morning
when I jumped up in my haste to get started on my busy day,
I skipped my prayer time, opting to “pray later today.”
In other words, I DIDN’T TURN ON THE SECURITY SYSTEM In short…
don’t forget to turn your security system on!!!

Me again…I have a sign posted in various places around my
house simply soI will be constantly reminded of how we should
live as Christians. It reads:

Live your life in such a way
That when your feet hit the floor in the morning
The devil shudders and says:
“OH NO!! She’s awake!!”

Here’s another excerpt from my readings that hits the nail on
the head so to speak:

Considering how much the devil hates people and how dead set
he is on destroying them, it’s no wonder we see so much tragedy
and disaster in the world. In fact, it’s amazing that we don’t see
more! I asked the Lord about that one time and He told me it
takes the realm of darkness a long time to set up major disasters.
Take the aviation industry, for example. It’s highly regulated and
works hard at policing itself because safety is its product. You
take a highly regulated system like that and the devil has to work
terribly hard to cause disasters. He can’t just come roaring in
and rip things up any time he wants to. If he could, he’d knock
every plane out of the sky tonight. But he can’t do it.
Why? Because he’s bound. The Bible says he’s bound to things
that are common to man. He has to line up certain things in this
natural, human realm before he can lay a finger on you. He has
to use people to get his work done. But, bless God, we’re not
bound to what’s common to man.
We’re free to use what’s common to God! We fight our warfare
with uncommon weapons. What does that mean? It means you
ought to have the devil wrapped up and sewed up. You ought to
put him in a sack with a ribbon on top. The devil can’t cause
disaster in your life unless he has been given place. He can’t come
in and start destroying and stealing from you unless he can get
you into a place of sin, doubt, ignorance, or disobedience. So if
he’s been giving you trouble, ask the Holy Spirit to show you
where you’ve let those things in. Then repent and get rid of them.
Once you’ve done that, pull out the weapons God has given you
and fire away with both barrels. Pull out the Word. Pull
out prayer. Pull out faith and use it to tie the devil in knots. Use
the uncommon power of God to keep him bound and he won’t
be able to put anything over on you. (wish I could remember
who wrote this cause they “nailed” !!)

The other day someone asked me if I took the devil “seriously”.
Well, sure I do….I’m just not intimidated by him at all. And you
shouldn’t be either! I like explain it this way. Until October
of 2006 I was what I call a luke-warm Christian. Then, one
Sunday afternoon, I guess Jesus got tired of waiting for me to
come around on my own and engineered an epiphany for yours
truly! That’s the day I went from luke-warm about Jesus to
on fire for Christ. In other words?

One afternoon in 2006
Jesus reached down to set me free
And ever since that October day?
The devil’s afraid of ME!!!!

Please think about what I’ve said and what’s in this blog. The
devil IS a factor in your life as a Christian certainly…..but don’t
give him more time or thought or credit than he deserves!!
Set your security system each and every morning by praying,
remind yourself that satan is a has-been and get on with the
business of lighting up your world for Jesus!!! There’s SO
much left to do!!

Since I firmly believe that humor is one of God’s greatest gifts
to us…..I have to include this little piece of poetry written by a
dear online friend that appeared in my inbox as I was finishing
up this blog and made me laugh out loud~~ ENJOY and thanks
to Toni !!

satan! That dirty devil
Look at him!
He thinks he is so handsome
There’s no resistin’ him
God ‘n’ me are dancin’
and he’s tryin’ to cut in!
Grace, my friend,
Vamooses him
While God ‘n’ me
Dance on, marry-ly!


The last blog focused on doubt, one of the devil’s few remaining
weapons against the children of God.    One of the results of
getting smacked  in the head with that doubt hammer is FEAR!!  
Up-close, personal, in-your-face fear.    That’s what happens
when you let the devil take aim at everything you know to be
true with that ridiculous hammer of his!
Doubt creates fear.  God promises us an abundant life, but if we
surrender instead to the chains of fear, it’s going to be awfully
hard to claim that promise!!  
Did you know that there are 365 “FEAR NOTs in the Bible?  
One for every day of the year!!  Think God’s trying to tell us 
Are  we sensing a trend here?  He clearly says in His word that
He has NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of joy and strength!!   
So if FEAR (read:  F.alse
                                 R.eal)  doesn’t come from God….where do we
get it?   I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count!!
When we give more credence to the devil’s lies than we do to
God’s truth, that’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster.
Whatever you’re afraid of — loss, rejection, poverty, death,
it doesn’t matter….we all face these things at certain points in
our lives.   What DOES matter is knowing and remembering 
that God will never reject you.   
He literally sent His  Son to go through hell on earth and die
so we’d all be guaranteed a way to be with Him forever.     
 If the God who created the universe would go to such lengths 
not to lose us, what is there for us to be afraid of  here on earth? 
Jesus promised He would never leave us or forsake us.”   He
also promised that “no one would snatch us out of His Hand”
and that “nothing would be allowed to separate us from His
Now,to me, none of that sounds iffy or anything less than rock
solid.    Of course, there are things and situations we encounter
here that will cause us to wonder, be confused or hesitant in the
face of the unknown.    How will a certain situation end?   What
is death like?  Why was a certain thing allowed to happen?  We
don’t and probably won’t ever understand the reasons or
answers for such things on this side of Heaven…..but all we need 
 to know is that our God is all-good, all-knowing and totally in it
for the long haul!!He loves us with a love deeper than any we’ve
ever known  and only wants the best for us.
Re-read Psalm 27, verse 1.   David had it down to a tee:
                         The Lord is my Light and my Salvation
                                     Whom should I fear?
                         The Lord is the Stronghold of my life
                                 Of whom should I be afraid?
OF WHOM indeed?
When fear starts screaming and discouragement sets in, we
need  to recognize what’s happening, turn a deaf ear to the lies
the devil is spouting  and tune into God’s truth!!    So the next
time you sense the devil sneaking up behind you with that
rusty fear megaphone?   You just turn right around and hit him
up side the head with Psalm 27:1 as hard as you can……He’ll be
so shockedhe’ll trip over himself trying to get away.    Trust me,
the Name of Jesus and the Word of God are all you’ll ever need
to make short work of that pest!
So do your best to live your life as joyously as you can, without
letting fear of anything or anyone cramp your style!   Determine to
be a thorn in the devil’s side!   Print out the following saying and do
what I did…post it in a place where you’ll see it first thing every
                      Lord, help me live my life in such a way
                       that when my feet hit the floor in the
                       morning, the devil shudders and says,
                                “oh CRAP….she’s awake!!”
I have it posted on my nightstand, the bathroom mirror, etc.
You are on the winning team and fear should have no place in
 in your life…..remember Who you belong to and Who you’re
 working for!!!


I know, I know…’s been WAY too long since my last blog post
but things have been incredibly hectic around here the past few
months!!    Godwinks galore and opportunities just multiplying
themselves in amazing ways!!     The topic for this post is one
that’s been hammered home to me a LOT recently.
               As I gain more experience speaking to people about how
Christians should feel about the whole death and dying thing, both
in groups and one-on-one, I’ve started to gain a whole new
perspective  the major problem keeping so many Christians from
being able to hang on to a lifetime of belief in God’s promises and
 what He tells us in Scripture.     We’ve studied and read God’s
word in the Bible all our lives, what He says and teaches about
eternal life, salvation, paradise and death.    But that doesn’t seem
to prevent a lot of us from back-pedaling as fast as our knocking
knees will let us once death appears on the scene.  Everything we
know and have learned about crossing over into eternity as a child
of God just vanishes out of our heads and we allow ourselves to
be overwhelmed by feelings of fear and despair.  Why does this
Allow me to sum it up for you in one five-letter word:      DOUBT.
Know what Doubt stands for?
That’s it. Period.  It’s all he’s got left.  Think about it….is he real?
Absolutely.   Is he a pest?  Definitely!  But does he possess any
REAL power to harm the true believer?   NO.  Is there anyway he
can actually hurt a child of God?   SHOOT NO!!!    At one time, he
had all the power he needed…..but that ended 2000 years ago people!
The devil lost every shred of real strength he had left the day Jesus
walked out of that tomb.     All he has left is deceit and he’s gotten
really  good at using it since it’s all he has left to work with.
The only “uumph” that slimeball has is what WE give him!!   If we
keep our focus where it belongs, on Christ, he’s harmless!!   So why
do Christians start to cower in fear and despair as soon as death
becomes imminent instead of eventual?   Why do we start to question
everything Jesus has told us about eternal life?
Because that’s when satan starts swinging that doubt hammer around.
He’s been trying to pull us away from Christ all our lives so it’s not
suprising that once we’re at death’s door he sees his window of
opportunity shrinking rapidly!!  For him it’s now or never!
He’s got to throw everything in his arsenal at us, pull out all the stops
and do whatever he can think of to get us to turn our backs on God’s
promises.     But he’s not all that scary….he’s a used-up, has-been
who’s only hanging around still causing trouble because so many
Christians don’t realize that they have the power to kick him to the
curb permanently!!
Don’t let that ridiculous “doubt” hammer cause you one minute of
hesitation or fear!!    Just remember what fear stands for=
Remember Who’s child you are!!  Remember Who suffered and died
rather than live without you!    Remember what Jesus said on the
cross to the thief who was being crucified with Him:
                             “This day you will be with Me in Paradise!!”
 He didn’t say “Let me check with the Father and get back to you….
” or “Have your people call My people….”
He said WILL BE.      And look at Romans 10:13 —
“Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
Not maybe or if I’m not too busy or if I’m in a good mood.
He said WILL BE!!
So when you see death  approaching, either for yourself or someone
you love, keep God’s promises and the words of Jesus foremost in
your mind.
He suffered SO much to pay our debt and earn us a place in Heaven…
would He have done any of that if Heaven wasn’t real?     Don’t let
the devil convince you that after 2000 years of Truth, God suddenly
decided to switch gears and become a fiction-writer….you KNOW
the truth….Jesus has carved it on your heart!!
Our lives here on earth can best be characterized as a temporary
assignment; a learning period where we learn to serve our Savior,
affecting as many people as we can for Him.    Whether by
evangelism,example, prayer, service or all of the above….we were
put here to spread His Gospel to as many as we can, as fast as we
can.    And once the Father determines that our work has been
completed, we’re called Home to receive the reward He has for us;
to share in eternal life with Him and our savior Jesus!!!
So stop thinking of death as a brick wall or the end of everything or
whatever else you-know-who is trying to make you believe….   Hang
on to what you KNOW!!!   Thinking of death as the end is like
seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean —– it just ain’t so!!!
It’s the beginning of forever !!!  It’s a doorway to more than you can
EVER dream of  and Jesus is waiting on the other side to welcome
you home!!
Imagine a brand-new body, absolutely whole and perfect;   reunions
with loved ones who’ve gone before you;  seeing angels up close;
getting to meet and talk with folks like Moses, Paul, Esther and all
the other people you’ve only read about, perfect weather, praise &
worship music constantly in the air….I get SO excited thinking
about it sometimes that I can’t stand it!!!
That picture of Paradise is good enough for me and it’s been good
enough for most of us all our lives….please don’t let that sniveling
scumbag cause you to question one of the most important lessons
Christ ever taught us!      Don’t let his lies ruin what should be one
of the most triumphant and exciting periods of your life….
When your race is run and your assignment has been completed,
go forth eagerly with joy in your heart to meet the One who’s waited
SO long to welcome you home!!!    I’ve been told over and over
again that my disease is “terminal” ….should I have bothered to
explain AGAIN to the nice doctor that LIFE  itself is terminal?
Anyone who wants to view my departure from this life had
better not blink, because when that particular door opens for
THIS Christian?  I intend to hit it moving at warp speed!!
So should you!!



Since I’ve started this whole blogging thing, I’ll bet I’ve heard/read the same
remark from readers over a dozen times, or variations of the same comment.
“Well, my goodness!!!!   If God worked in MY life as amazingly and as often
as He works in YOURS I’d have no trouble trusting Him!!!”    
And my response is always the same:    If you want to see Jesus move in your
life life I do?    You have to give Him what I gave Him…..100% !!  Lots of
these folks are what I call “Sunday Christians” or to paraphrase from another
blog….LUKEWARM Christians.    They’d never dream of skipping church on
Sunday or not saying grace before meals, but when it comes to interacting with
the Lord on a daily personal basis?    Unless calamity, illness, or some other
type of bad news rears it’s ugly head;  then they’re more than ready to hit
their knees and beg for help!        Not good enough people!!     Don’t kneel down
and say “Our Father” on Sundays if you fully intend to act like an orphan the
rest of the week!
Now, I’m not saying God won’t answer a heartfelt, panic-stricken prayer from
one of His children who’s been blind-sided by disaster….of course He will and
He does!    But prayer should be a daily visit with the Lord….to worship, to
praise, to fellowship, to learn, etc….    Jesus prayed early in the morning, late at
night, all times of the day….because He knew that keeping in close communion
with His Father was the only way to live!     Prayer should be a constant event
in the lives of Christians…..not a sporadic S.O.S. whenever we’re in trouble!!
I speak from experience too.    Until 2006, I was a lukewarm Christian myself.
Maybe warmer than some, but definitely not ON-FIRE like I am today.   A lot
of that was culture-oriented….I’m from New England and up there, while there
are many strong Christians, witnessing and sharing our faith with others was
not something that came easily.   It just wasn’t done much.  
Then I moved to Dixie in the early 80s and found an entirely NEW culture in
place down here!    Here in the South, when two people are introduced for the
first time, “What church y’all go to?”  is guaranteed to be one of the first three
‘lets-get-to-know-each-other questions, without a doubt!  
Now my relationship with Jesus has been strong, personal and very real to me
since I was a tiny girl.    I did, after all, grow up with Grandma Rose….who had
coffee and conversation with Jesus on her front porch every morning of her life. 
I can’t remember a single day of my life when I didn’t pray….it was just a normal
partof the day….brush your teeth, make your bed, say your prayers, do your
chores, etc….but this whole Southern thing of  ‘let’s have an iced tea and talk
about Jesus’ ?
Totally foreign to me….until that day in October of 2006, that I still refer to as
my “epiphany”.    Hubby says I walked up the stairs to my office and came down
30 minutes later as someone totally different!!    I didn’t feel different at the time,
but there was no denying that after that day my life and my faith have never been
the me!      Jesus got Paul’s attention on the road to Damascus and He got mine
on 10/06/2006 while I was  sitting at my computer.    I’ll tell the story of my
personal ‘epiphany’ in another blog on another day, but believe me when I tell
you that Jesus entered my lifeand my heart that afternoon in a HUGE way and
came alive to me like never before!!   The conversation went basically like this:  
          Jesus:   Child, give Me your whole heart & your whole life….I
                       can do so much more with it than you can alone!
          Me:       I’m in, Lord!!!  I give you everything I am….
                       Just show me what to do!  
Once you make the decision to live for, through and with Him?   All I can say
is eat your Wheaties and hang on tight….it’s gonna be a wild ride!!   In a single
heartbeat I went from lukewarm to on-fire for Jesus  and I’ve never looked
back!   The miracles, blessings, grace & Godwinks started coming and they’ve
never stopped!
100% .   That’s what God wants from you.   That’s how much of your heart He
expects you to offer Him.   His Word says He’ll change you….make you a new
creation from the inside out.    In other words?   He’s not going be satisfied
with just spiffing up the kitchen……He wants to launch a complete and total
remodel project of your heart and your life!    But you have to be willing to let
Him take charge of everything….every part of you!     You have to admit to
yourself & to Him, once and for all, that you can’t do this ‘life’ thing on your
own….that you’re nothing without Him!        For some folks, that’s relatively
easy….for others it’s foundation-shaking!   It means letting go of your pride
and admitting that you’re NOT in charge of anything…..and if you’ve spent
your life as a control freak, that’s not gonna be easy…..but it will be SO
worth it!   Take it from me!    Now I can almost hear some of you out there
thinking, “Easy for her to say….but I’d have to change too many bad habits
before I could become that kind of Christian!” 
Let me explain something amazing  that I discovered for myself.      If you
are sincere about wanting Jesus to take control of your life?   That’s where
the whole “new creation” thing kicks in!    If you want to truly change, then
all you have to do is trust the Lord to make it happen! 
Case in point?    I waited tables for almost 30 years, and as those of you who
are prone to hanging out in diners well know, most waitresses have one
thing in common:   BAD language!  Most of them, me included, could make
a trucker blush and a sailor proud without thinking twice about it.     But  
Jesus took care of my language issues almost overnight, with no conscious
effort on my part!  
Now mind you, even on my worst days, I seldom took the Lord’s name in
Grandma Rose is in Heaven after all…..and some part of me was always
conscious of that fact….so the very last thing I wanted was my Granny
materializing back here on earth with a bar of Ivory soap in her hand
determined to chase me down!   But just about every other obscene, vulgar
and crude phrase you could think up came as natural to me as breathing
until Jesus took the helm!!     And the funny thing was it took me months
to even notice that I wasn’t cussing anymore…..too much else going on
I guess!      You had to know me before to appreciate how big of a miracle
this really was!   
But it’s a prime example of how God WILL make the changes needed to
turn the willing believers into decent disciples fit to witness to others on
His behalf!!  If those believers are willing to let Him be General
Contractor for your heart and your life!!    The results will astound you
and those who know you!!!   Don’t wait…sign His contract today!!  
Time’s ‘a-wastin!!