Where dos God fit into your day-to-day life?  Is He even
part of it?   It’s truly amazing how many people refer to
themselves as Christians without any clkear idea of what
it means to be one.
Saying grace before meals and showing up once a week at
Sunday service does not a Christian make.   I think we have
have far too many people who are living what I’ve come to
think of as the C.I.D. lifestyle.    What’s C.I.D.?   Christians
in Disguise.
They’ve been saved, officially they belong to a church and
most of them have a Bible…..somewhere.   There may even
be a fish decal on their bumper, stuck there a few years ago.
But sadly, that’s where the interaction with Jesus grinds to a
halt.    Unless they find themselves facing a major crisis, He
seldom crosses their minds.     It’s not that they ever made a
conscious decision to ignore Him, but there are so many
items competing for our time and attention these days that
most of us move through our day at warp speed in a frantic
effort to get it all done.
Smart phones, interactive websites, trexting, Facebook, shop-
ping sites — not to mention apps for everything from A to Z;
technology has brought the world to our fingertips and left
us so dazzled and dazed that we can brely make it from one
tweet to the next!  
30 minutes a day to read the Bible or to pray?   Most C.I.D.s
will be quick to explain why they just don’t have 30 minutes
a day to spare!   
Starting a conversation or even a Facebook discussion about
Jesus would never cross their minds….after all; what would
people think?   They might face ridicule or worse, be labeled

a Jesus freak or a bible thumper!  Can’t risk that!

But I doubt it would ever occur to them to wonder what Jesus
 thinks!     What goes through His mind, when He presents
us with a perfect opportunity to share His Name and His Gospel
with others and we move right on by it like it never happened?
Does HIS opinion matter to us?   HELLO??   The One Who
suffered unimaginable pain and actually died to pay a debt that
we owe!   And He did it because He lite4rally would rather die than
live without us, but we can’t be bothered to mention His Name
to anyone else —- what’s wrong with this picture?
And the saddest part of all is that the majority of CIDs aren’t even
aware of what they’re doing.   If anyone were to suggest that they’ve
relegated Jesus to back-burner status in their lives, they’d be hor-
rified!   “OH NO…not me!   I know who Jesus is…I’ve been saved
and I’m going to Heaven!”    Well, good for you — but what are
you doing in the meantime, treading water?    Christianity is NOT
just about obeying the ten commandments;  God’s list of the things
we should never do.    It’s also about doing the one thing that Jesus
commanded us TO do, before He went back up to Heaven all those
years ago!    Lots of CIDs probably couldn’t tell you what that thing
was….and even those who DO know, are happy just assuming that
Jesus was talking to the 12 apostles and not to us.   “Go forth and
tell all nations.   Teach them to observe all that I have
commanded you and baptize them in the name of the
Father, and the Son and theHoly Spirit.”
Nothing in there about climbing the corporate ladder, retiring by age
age 30, acquiring x amount of facebook friends or breaking the
record for number of views on Youtube.    He told us to tell the world
about His Gospel!!
Now this doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job, sell the house
and go start a mission in Zimbabwe.   Bloom where He planted you!
It could be as simple as starting a conversation with a co-worker,
or telling a friend you’ll pray for her, saying grace publicly in a
restaurant or inviting a neighbor to attend church with you.    No one
expects you to pack a bible, grab a soapbox and make a nuisance of
yourself at the bus station downtown.   But let’s face it….if you’ve been
working with someone for 6 years or living next door to someone else
for 7 years and these folks have no idea whether or not you’re a
Christian, than you’re doing something radically wrong. 
So try this:
Simply keep your heart focused on Jesus, and your eyes open — every
day you will discover opportunities to speak about Jesus to others and
shine His light into a dark and dying world.     Especially if you take the
time to have a second cup of coffee with Him this morning and let Him
know that you want to switch titles from CID to COF (Christian On
Fire!!)   Let Jesus know that starting today you want to be a Christian in
 every sense of the word!   After all He did for us….isn’t it the least we can 
do for Him?    And, welcome aboard!


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