I just love it when folks ask me “Aren’t you ever in a bad
mood?”   It gives me an opportunity to ‘talk Jesus’!   Simply
because the reason for my perpetual sunny attitude is Jesus!  
I claim Him as my Savior, worship Him as my Lord, obey His
every law, am sheltered by His power, am guided by His
wisdom, and ransomed by His blood.  I’m guaranteed eternal
life with Him in Heaven, when my temporary shift down here
on earth is finished.
Now reviewing this list it’s almost impossible for me to be
anything but happy!    None of these things are ‘iffy’ or
‘maybe’; they’re all fact; God-given promises and they have
my future carved in stone & wrapped up in a big red bow!
I’m a Christian; a daughter of the one, true King —and it
just doesn’t get any better than that!
And, yes, I can see why some people are puzzled because
when they look at my life from the outside, they see an
almost-60-year-old housewife and great-grandma, busy
running a fairly large website, busy dying from what the
medical community insists on calling end-stage uterine
cancer, and busy scribbling her stories, poems, posts and
blogs as fast as her chubby little fingers will let her in be-
tween doctor appointments and chemo treatments.
Troubles?   Absolutely!  Issues?  Definitely.  Heartache?
Galore!!   But that’s only part of what makes me me and
it’s why they have such a hard time believing that my
happy face is genuine.
I don’t doubt for a second that lots of people who hear me
speak just nod their heads and stroll away thinking I must
have escaped recently from a rubber room somewhere or
that I just somehow forgot to take my meds this morning!
This is where I get to explain why it is most surely genuine
and why I wouldn’t change any part of it for anything.   I
work for Christ.   Every minute of everyday the miracles,
surprises and what I’ve come to think of as ‘Godwinks’
 that I’ve witnessed in my life keep me on a daily high!
I’ve watched God use me to change hearts, minds, cir-
cumstances and relationships in ways that are truly un-
believable.   He’s given me the gifts of gab, rhyme, story-
telling and humor and each day He shows me how to use
them to light up the dark corners of this dead & dying
world that’s so full of fear and shadows and hopelessness
for too many people.    I wake up each morning asking
Jesus to use me!    Anywhere, anyway, for anything for
Then I eat my Wheaties and hang on….because I know
I’ll be busy!!   And what’s really cool is that I don’t have
or need any special training to do this kind of work!   I
never know what’s coming next so I’m literally ‘winging it’
which usually means guesswork, but in my case, the ‘wings’
belong to the Holy Spirit.   You’ve seen Him… the big
beautiful white dove fluttering around Jesus in all the
pictures.  He’s my C.O. and I know as long as I’m obedient
and doing what He prompts me to do, then the results will
be God’s will.    My motto is inscribed on the ring I wear:
                            He died for me….
                            ….I live for Him.
Period.   That’s it in a nutshell.   There aren’t many people
who can claim honestly that they sail through life without
fear.   I can.  I know that God’s always in control of every-
thing and that whatever happens to me or around me or
because of me is part of His plan.    I know that He loved me
enough to die for me and He still has plenty of stuff for me
to do in lots of still-dark places waiting for me to shine His
light.   That’s why I fear nothing — my trust and my faith
are in the hands of the living God and so far, it’s been an

incredible experience I can’t fully explain but wouldn’t trade

for anything.   I’m shining the light of His glory, His name

and His gospel wherever I go.

And the best part is — like I said before, I’m no one special.
there isn’t anything different about me that sets me apart
from anyone else except the current of God’s love, light and
grace that flows through me.   And God will grant that to any
one who asks.   The happy, joy-filled attitude that puzzles so
many people is available to you too!   All you have to do is
commit your heart to Jesus.   Give Him what I gave Him —
100%.  Not 70 or 90% — He wants all of you.   He’s not
looking to spiffup the kitchen;  He wants to tear down the
house and rebuildfrom the ground up!   He wants to make
over your heart to meet His specifications, His plans,
according to His blueprints to accomplish His purpose.
I mean, let’s face it, He is a carpenter after all!!  And you DO
meet His requirements:
        —Do you know Him and love Him?
        —Do you believe in and are you grateful for what He did?
        —Do you accept the gift of forgiveness and eternal life
                 that He offers so freely?
Then congratulations….you’re in!   You’re hired….welcome to
the team!   My team is your team.  My joy is your joy.   How
canyou be anything BUT happy?   So roll up your sleeves, let
Jesus know you’re in it for the long haul and then get to work!  
There’s an awful lot of people left to reach, and an incredible
amount of work still to be done.   But don’t be intimidated —
more folks join our ranks every day and every day brings us
one step closer to Heaven as our Light grows brighter and
Once you commit to Jesus the changes you see will truly amaze
you!  Your faith will grow by leaps and bounds as your fear
shrinks and dwindles to nothing.   You’ll stop worrying so
much about tomorrow because all you’ll need to be concerned
with is today.   This 24 hours right in front of you — God will
take care of the rest.   
You’ll be able to trust that whatever happens, good or bad,
God can and will use it to further His purpose.    He’ll give you
the strength and the grace to face the trial, solve the problem,
handle the trouble and come through to the other side in
triumph, grinning from ear to ear exuding joy and a confidence
that the world can’t help but notice!
Once that happens, people will be asking you the million dollar
question:  “How can you be so happy all the time?”   “What’s
your secret?”
That’s your cue.   Flip that light switch and don’t hesitate to
It’s NOT a secret….it’s public knowledge that’s there for every-
one!God wants us to shine for others —He is not willing that
any of us be lost.   He wants everyone to be aware of what’s
been done for us.  That’s where we come in —we get to make
the introductions, do theexplaining, train the recruits and work
side-by-side to spreadingthe Gospel, Name and message of the
Lord Jesus Christ around the world.   Are you ready?  Well
then, on your mark, get set, get ready —    SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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